What You Eat Affects Your Anxiety – The Best & Worst Foods to Consume

What You Eat Affects Your Anxiety – The Best & Worst Foods to Consume

Anxiety manifests in a variety of ways – panic attacks, sleeping trouble, irrational self-consciousness, excessive stress, and more. It’s different for everyone and happens from time and time and for some, unfortunately, it happens more often than they’d like. Battling anxiety isn’t an easy battle. Treating anxiety is different for everyone too. For example, some people find the products provided by a cannabis dispensary to be very therapeutic in their efforts to overcome anxiety. There are good and bad days, but there’s good news: there are simple things you can do each day to help manage stress and ward off anxiety like eating the right foods and avoiding those that harm you. You’ve probably heard how beneficial CBD can be if you suffer from anxiety, which is why you might be interested in some CBD Gummy Bears that could be a great food to eat to help you fight off your anxiety symptoms. Follow this guide to the best and worst foods to consume to keep your anxiety at bay.

The Best Foods to Consume to Help Anxiety

Chamomile Tea

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Compounds in chamomile tea bind to brain receptors that help relax your anxiety. In a study conducted in the University of Pennsylvania, patients with severe anxiety disorder saw significant improvement after consuming chamomile tea for eight weeks.

Vitamin-rich Food

It has been found that vitamin deficiency, especially Vitamin B (folic acid, for instance) and Vitamin B12, can cause depression and mood disorders. Food rich in Vitamin B such as pork, chicken and beef will help you curb your anxiety. Other vitamin rich foods include leafy greens, legumes, oranges and nuts.

Omega- 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have found to benefit people suffering from anxiety and mood disorders. Research shows that depressed patients have been diagnosed to have lowered levels of omega-3 fatty acids.Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Plus, these Omega-3s may even reduce the risk of heart disease


Foods rich in tryptophan are known to have a positive effect on stress. They help you to feel calm and collected. Other foods tryptophan-rich are bananas, milk, cheese, peanut butter and chicken to name a few.

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The Worst Foods to Consume for Anxiety

burger beer bad food for anxiety


While coffee isn’t bad per se, most of us forget to stop at the essential cup or two. We tend to drink more coffee than required. Coffee contains caffeine which inhibits levels of serotonin in the body. This can, in turn, make you more irritable and spike your anxiety levels. Caffeine would keep you from sleeping, which can increase levels of stress.


You would like to believe that alcohol offers relief, but it’s quite the opposite. The sense of relief alcohol brings is just temporary. As the amount goes up, alcohol begins to affect your mood negatively and increases anxiety. Alcohol is a diuretic, and if you do not stay hydrated, then it can lead to increased mood disorders and feelings of anxiousness.

Processed Food

Studies conducted on middle aged individuals in London showed that processed food consumption resulted in increased depression among individuals. Processed food, sweetened desserts, high fat dairy products, all are seen to cause depression. Bacon, granola bars, instant noodles, flavored nuts, etc. are some foods you should avoid. Instead, grab fruits on the go; they are rich in vitamins that help fight depression and anxiety.

It’s not often that we get to control our emotions, but when there is something we can do to control them we must take the bull by the horns. Choose these “happy” foods to stay in a good mood, and you will see feel the difference.

Tell us: What foods help to make you feel calm or more anxious? Share in the comments below.

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