Week 4 Healthier You Challenge: Embrace a New Challenge

Week 4 Healthier You Challenge: Embrace a New Challenge

Three out of four weeks are behind us, and now we’re in the midst of your final goal as part of the “4 Weeks to a Healthier You Challenge.”

(Did you miss weeks one, two and three? Check out reasons to drink water, sleep well and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to supplement your stepping. Then head over to the challenge leaderboard to review your activity, and to cheer on your fellow challengers.)

Week 4: Embrace A New Challenge

This is the final week of the challenge and we want to encourage everyone to try something new and to set a goal that will keep you on a healthy path all summer long.

Whether you’re signing up for a race, setting a new fitness benchmark or trying a new sport or walking path, new experiences can help you reap tons of rewards. As Alex Lickerman, M.D., writes for Psychology Today, they force you to grow, to either reaffirm your beliefs or help expand your horizon. Novel experiences also strengthen your social sphere, and even, according to one recent study, solidify your bond with your romantic partner.

Now that Memorial Day has passed, marking the unofficial start of summer for those of us in the U.S., the new season also represents that perfect time frame to aim higher. (For some of us, literally. This blogger wants to master the 24” box jump by summer’s end.)

Over the next three months, you can pick up a new skill — how about golf or tennis? — or challenge yourself with a new distance — after all, most 5K training plans are about 12 weeks, perfect for a Labor Day race.

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For a new experience on a more manageable scale, try walking or running on a trail, or meeting an old friend for a walk and talk while you get your steps in.

Need more inspiration? Check out Team Matchup’s seasonal fitness goals here. We find that saying goals aloud — and then finding peer support and accountability — helps us follow through with fitness commitments. We love the transparency and accountability that comes with our user groups and Matchup challenges, and we believe in the power of our community to truly change lives.

Tell us on the community board, or in the comments below: What new experience will you try this summer? How do you plan to challenge yourself to keep life interesting?

Check back soon for our “4 Weeks to a Healthier You” Challenge wrap-up post — and prizes!

Want to find a new challenge to join? Check out open options here, or start your own here.

Also on Matchup’s blog: Take a look at our Journey Challenge mode, which takes you on virtual walks all over the world.

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