Wearable Tech Beyond Wrist Wear – 6 Types of Wearables to Know

Wearable Tech Beyond Wrist Wear – 6 Types of Wearables to Know

Most consumer’s familiarity with wearable tech stops with the Fitbit, Jawbone or Garmin. But there are many more industries beyond the fitness trackers biz that wearable technology hopes to disrupt.

To that end, here’s a look at many of the different types of wearable technology out there, which you may see at a store near you soon.

Wearable Tech Beyond Wrist Wear

“Smart” apparel.

Soon, tech-enabled clothing won’t just be for pro athletes. It will become more accessible — and affordable — for average Joe’s looking for a leg up on the competition at the gym.

There are also less performance-geared iterations. Take company Wearable Experiments, which “released a sports jersey, aptly named the Fan Jersey, prior to the Super Bowl that transmits haptic vibrations, allowing fans to feel vibrations based on real-time plays during the game. The company also released leggings called the Nadi X. The tights are made with the same technology as the jersey, but assist the wearer in correcting form during a workout,” The International Business Times recently reported.

For more on smart apparel, check out this previous round-up from Stridekick.athos smart clothing worn by athletes

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Fitness-metric tracking through your ears is the new thing. Trust us — and find out more information here.

bragi hearable ear heart rate tracking

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Module-based wearables.

IBT reported on new technologies that could integrate wearable tech with even more everyday items.

Intel’s Curie Module “is an example of a device that could be incorporated into a variety of products to make them wearable. In the past year, Intel has partnered with fashion brands to integrate the module into a variety of pieces. A collaboration with designer Hussein Chalayan during Fashion Week in September saw the debut of Curie Module-powered glasses that gather biometric data to monitor breathing, heart rate and brainwave activity,” the website writes.

VR Goggles.

The new way to view 360-degree visual experience, these pieces are bringing virtual reality to the mainstream. Except to see more and more companies getting into this space.

Pet tech.


Don’t forget Fido and Fluffy: Wearables designed just for your furry friends are beginning to proliferate segments of the marketplace. Think GPS collars, activity tracking devices, gadgets that monitor heart rate, breathing and other health markers, and more. For more on pet wearables, check out this Stridekick blog.


IBT reports that devices to measure not just their human wearers, but also the surrounding environment are set to become more popular.

For example,Tzoa revealed its “enviro-tracker,” which hooks directly to garments and uses internal sensors to measure and report temperature, air quality, atmospheric pressure and UV exposure. Using the data, the device can help the wearer determine where there’s fresh air and indicate locations on a real-time environmental data map that shows where there is air pollution.”

What are you favorite wearables that go beyond wrist wear?

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