Wearable Tech in the Workplace- 4 Business Cases if you Weren’t Already Sold

Wearable Tech in the Workplace- 4 Business Cases if you Weren’t Already Sold

If you’re a business owner or benefits manager, you may be wondering how the wearable technology explosion can work for you.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of good advice out there — and businesses to learn from — so you can see how the tech might fit in to your workplace. Read on for more.

How Can Wearable Tech Fit into your Workplace

Health and Fitness

Health, fitness and weight loss are the most-recognizable uses for wearable technology. At work, this can translate to increased employee engagement, a feeling that the company cares about its employees and camaraderie at work. Plus, there are hard business benefits, such as a reduction in health care costs and increased employee productivity. (See also: Factors for ROI Success from Corporate Wellness Programs)

When it comes to these initiatives, data is power, Amy McDonough, vice president and general manager of Fitbit Group Health, recently told Business News Daily.

“Everything starts with the data. Data not only provides key insights into an individual’s health and helps drive behavior changes that lead to better health outcomes, but, at a macro level, it can also provide much larger trends about population health,” she says. “The advent of wearable devices has revolutionized our ability to collect and track health data on a much larger scale.”

And once you know what your employees need, you can take steps to help them.

Safety and security  

If your business involves employees working alone or performing physical tasks, such as a warehouse manager, you may turn to wearable tech to help monitor on-the-job safety.

For example, the company Human Condition Safety has created a smart vest for construction workers, which does everything from alert individuals if they are bending too much at the waist (and therefore carrying weight unsafely) to spotting when a ladder is too short for a worker to reach upward securely. Once the data is in, adjustments can be made to promote long-term workplace safety.

Workplace productivity

Healthier employees are more productive, sure. But wearable tech can also help the machine-side of businesses run more smoothly, from temperature or light sensors that protect sensitive goods to smart glasses helping employees literally see things more clearly.

“Long gone are the days of … time wasted sifting through emails for info or searching out team members for communication,” Franklin Valadares, CTO and co-founder of Runrun.it, told Business News Daily. “Businesses have all of this information and communication through the wearable technology. Employees are able to alert their managers or teams when they have started or stopped [a task], attached files, etc., thus increasing the communication lines and overall productivity of business today.”

Lines of communication

Wearable technology is also changing the way some businesses speak to their customers.

Media companies are engaging readers through stories told in virtual reality (using VR headsets). These immersive experiences pull viewers in in new and different ways — all the better for advertisers. (For that matter, advertisements themselves will become more interactive — using augmented reality — in the coming months and years.)

Wearable- and mobile-based payment systems — empowering customers to charge a credit card with the swipe of a wristband — are also set to become more mainstream soon. Customers will receive receipts and other transactional follow-ups as wearable notifications.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about wearable technology and your business.

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How do you or will you use wearable tech in the workplace?

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