Valentines Day Suggestions for the Forgetful

It’s Valentines Day.

Well, not yet.

We know; you put off making reservations or any semblance of plans, and your last saving grace are the wilted flowers and leftover candy from your local drugstore.

To spare you the cold treatment that should accompany such a move, we have a few romantic suggestions to help keep you in the good graces of your significant other.

A Weekend Getaway – If you’ve done nothing up until this point then it is too late to salvage things on the day of. Trust us. Utilizing sites such as Kayak and even Groupon, you can find some affordable destinations to help redeem yourself and show the love of your life a good time. Remember, it’s not about the amount of cost, but the quality time spent together.

Gift Set for a Tea Lover – Depending on the level and length of your relationship, you’re probably wondering what would signify the level of your affection. Whether in the soft and fuzzy stage, or leading to progressing into something more serious, let your feelings be known by a simple gift set from Davids Tea.

Something Custom – Everyone loves something that’s unmistakably theirs. Disrupt allows you to customize yoga mats, surf, skate, and snowboards. Add a favorite mantra, an emblazoned photo of yourself or your bae’s name to make them stand out in style.

Something sensual – Good with your hands? Put that Amazon Prime account to great use and treat the person of your adornment to a personal spa day by pampering them to help unwind mentally and physically.

Have any suggestions for thoughtful Valentines Day gifts, drop us a comment and tell us how you’re celebrating your special someone.

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