Tricks for When You’re Too Busy to Exercise

Tricks for When You’re Too Busy to Exercise

Remember that fall fitness slump we talked about? Yeah, it’s real. Sometimes it’s not the weather, though, it’s just life getting in the way of your exercise goals.

Some people are 100-percent convinced that they have zero free time to exercise or move their bodies at all. Well, my friends, that’s simply not the case every single day of your life. “Finding a half hour to exercise each day seems impossible, but if someone said they’ll pay $1,000 for just a half hour of your time each day, we’d all find a free half hour really quickly,” Dr. Sherry Pagoto wrote for U.S. World and News Report. Along that vein, she suggests starting your days off of work with exercise. The barrier to entry is easier on the days when you have more time.

If you work from home or work for yourself, you might be thinking you never get a day off. That’s when it’s time to rely on early mornings or late nights, as well as partners, friends, gyms with childcare or jogging strollers to help you fit in fitness. As mom and writer Lizzie Heiselt penned for, “you actually don’t have time not to exercise,” based on the mood and energy boosts that come with regular sweat sessions.

Sometimes, though, we get it: You’re busy; you’re traveling (those are often the saddest days for our fitness tracking devices); you don’t feel well — maybe a combination of the three. The days like this are when it’s time to embrace the following strategies.

How To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

1)Think: Wycwyc

We love the idea of “what you can win you can,” created by Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone, successful health and nutrition pros and entrepreneurs. Their idea, which is now a book and a podcast, simply promotes doing your best when you’re able. That means maybe a 6-minute HIIT routine before your morning shower. It could be sending a loving text to your significant other before a meeting to maintain your connection, or booking a group fitness class for next week when you’re better able to plan around it. It’s doing whatever you can to improve your health in the time you have.

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2) Stream The Gym

Have just 10 minutes to spare? Cue up a 10-minute yoga flow or ab workout — whatever you’re into — on YouTube. You’ll feel better and more energized to tackle your to-do list in a flash.

3) Pick One Small Goal

Tell yourself: Today, I will take the stairs everywhere. Today, I’m doing 5 air squats every time I get up from my desk. By chewing off one little task, you’ll be able to feel accomplished at the end of the day while still doing what you need to.

4) Sweatwork

We love this trend! Swap happy hour with a client for a spin class — you can catch up on work and get your sweat on at the same time. (The same concept applies for meeting up with friends; make fitness social, and you will be more likely to succeed.) Another option: The runmute, or running commute. Keeping one must-do in your life — getting to the office — active, whether through walking, running or biking, means you’re one step closer to your fitness goals.

5) Get The Kids Involved

Invest in a jogging stroller if a gym membership isn’t in the cards. If running isn’t your thing, take the kids for a surprise mid-week trip to the park: The extra time outside — plus the walk there and back — will be great for the whole family.

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6) Remember, All Things In Moderation

Remember this: One missed run won’t detail a whole training plan. A few missed workouts won’t derail your long-term health. If weight gain is your concern, remember that old (slightly annoying) saying: Abs are made in the kitchen. Turns out, what you eat — which, sometimes, is an easier thing to tackle, and sometimes it’s not — makes more of a difference for your weight than time in the gym, anyway.

How do you bake in activity when you’re crazy-busy? Share in the comments below!

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