Top Healthy Spots to Grab Food in Downtown Chicago

Top Healthy Spots to Grab Food in Downtown Chicago

The everyday lunch struggle can be rough. With so many options it may be your hardest decision of the day. You should probably search for something cheap because when you think about it you’ve spent a little to much money this week. But more importantly you need to find a healthy option, and fast. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re searching for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these healthy food options are delicious and will keep you on track with your health. It’s all to easy to reach for the quick and greasy option, but today you’re putting your health first. Choose the healthy option and feel good about it later!

Top Healthy Spots in Downtown Chicago

Protein Bar

protein bar healthy spots chicago downtown

Let’s face it– there’s a protein bar on what seems like every corner. These are located all around the city and once you try it, you’ll be glad they are. They serve delicious, quick and high-protein filled foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Must try:

Guac & Roll– this avocado burrito is to die for!
Southwest Salad– if you love an extra kick of spice, you’ll love this salad. The secret ingredient– cholula!

Lyfe Kitchen

Their tagline? Love your food everyday– And this is 100% true. Their variety makes it hard to choose but they have everything ranging from juices & smoothies to wraps & salads.

Must Try:

Kale Banana Smoothie– need we say more?

Quinoa Crunch Bowl– if you love quinoa, veggies and hot sauce, this is a must try!

Art’s Unfried Chicken– this meal is actually incredible. The chicken is fantastic, but the brussels sprouts, butternut squash, dried cranberries, cashew cream sauce and dijon vinaigrette is what keeps you coming back for more 🙂

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Mixed Greens

mixed greens healthy spots chicago

This healthy spot is known for it’s incredible build-your-own-magnificent salad bar. Choose one of their signature salads or put together your own masterpiece. They also have panini options, soup and pizzas. Don’t worry if there isn’t one close to your office or home in downtown Chicago, you can order via Door Dash!

Must Try:

Parlez Vous Francais Salad– strawberries, walnuts, apples, blue cheese and edamame all topped with balsamic.
Chicken Pesto Pizza- if you’re looking to splurge a little this is a must try topped with sundried tomatoes, red onions and goat cheese. Yum.

Jason’s Deli

jasons deli healthy salad bar restaurant

Sandwiches, salads and soups, you name it– they have it. You’ll love their salad bar and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even indulge in a free ice cream cone before you leave.

Must Try:

Quinoa Mango Salad– If you’re looking to veer away from the build-your-own salad bar this one is an all star.

Half & Half– Get the half salad, half soup or half salad, half sandwich. Either way you’re getting a little bit of everything you want!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a healthy classic. Once again, the food variety makes it hard to choose but their ever-changing hot bar always has some delicious options. They have a salad bar as well, delicious sandwiches and variety of hot soups!

French Market

Head to the Chicago French market and fulfill any craving. They have a plethora of vendors with healthy food and beverage options. From produce to meats, cheeses and they even have gelato!

Native Foods

native foods healthy chicago restaurant

No meat? No problem. This vegan restaurant is incredible. And even if you love meat, you’ll love this place (coming from a meat eater myself). All of their fresh, creative and organic dishes are a must try. But these are some of our favorites.

Must Try:

Ensalada Azteca– Once you taste the mango lime vinaigrette, you’ll be coming back for more. It’s even won an award.
Meatball Sub– You won’t even be able to tell it’s vegan!

Chicago Raw

Another vegan option in Chicago is Raw. You’ll eat only the highest quality of fully uncooked plant based products aimed at boosting your energy, healing your body and inspiring your taste buds.

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Must Try:

Acai Bowl– Ever had a smoothie bowl? This one is incredible.

Kale Salad– Feeling strong? Put a little superfood in your diet. The lemon taste is refreshing and tasty.

Karyn’s Raw

Here’s another fantastic vegan option in the wonderful city! Karyn’s was founded by renowned living-foodist and holistic health expert, Karyn Calabrese. These foods will leave you feeling rejuvenated and they have some awesome gluten free options, too!

Must Try:

Classic Lasagna – smoked spinach and tofu ricotta with garlic bread– Yum!

Ron’s Salad– We love their homemade dressing and it’s gluten free too!!

What are some of your favorite healthy spots in downtown Chicago and what are their best dishes?!

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