Top Celebrity Fitness Trainers

Top Celebrity Fitness Trainers

Celebs train because they want to stay fit, because the rigors of their job and lifestyle need them to take special care of their health, and because their job profile does require them to look the part. In the Body Book, Cameron Diaz says: “Why do I train? Because muscles are strength and earning them teaches us that we can create our own strength.”

It takes real hard work, but equally challenging is the role their trainers have to play in their fitness. Here is a list of some of those hard workers who get our celebs sweating it out and into such great shape!

Harley Pasternak

Harley is the man behind the hot body of Megan Fox and other A-list celebs. His most recommended fitness exercise is walking, though he doesn’t just get celebs to walk around, we’re sure. And there is a method and a science to the regimens; he holds a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto!

His latest book, 5 Pounds is an insight into the fitness regimen and diet plan that he most favors and recommends.

His tip on People magazine: “Pick one exercise a day, every day of your life, and focus on a different body part each day for as little as five minutes a day. Everyone has five minutes a day.”

Harley pasternak celebrity fitness trainer

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Mary Helen Bowers

Mary Helen can be accredited for the graceful lines of Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Mary Helen was a ballet artist and is best known for her incorporation of ballet movements into her fitness routines. Her Ballet Beautiful program is a beautiful lesson in grace and movement.

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Her book series, Ballet Baby focuses on prenatal exercises and is an inspiration for moms worldwide. She has an online custom workout, which anyone can benefit from, for a monthly subscription.

Her inspiration for her clients: “I want every client to feel the power of grace, strength, and possibility.”

David Kingsbury

Can you guess the man behind the Wolverine? David Kingsbury’s most prized trophy is getting Hugh Jackman prepped for the role of Wolverine; from man to mutant. The muscle and strength building regimen that he got Hugh Jackman on is a lesson in endurance and perseverance, and we all know the results!

His series, The Wolverine Workout, is being voraciously perused by Wolverine fans.

David Kingsbury celebrity fitnes trainer

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Gunnar Peterson

The man taking credit for the sexy curves of the Kardashian sisters and Jennifer Lopez would be this gentleman. Gunnar has been hard at work in the fitness business for over 20 years and has built up quite a name for himself.

His 14 to LEAN training program is a diet and exercise kit that holds a 2 week program of dietary intakes and exercise routines to get you mean and lean.

His tip: “Don’t show up late. Don’t try to slide out early. Don’t cheat your rep counts. And definitely, don’t hold back. Leave it all in the gym!”

Anna Kaiser

She is the woman who dances into shape celebs like Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Sarah Jessica Parker.  She combines cardio movements with strengthening techniques from yoga and choreographs it into a killer dance routine.

Her studio, AKT In Motion, is groovy and puts a new twist to fitness as we know it.

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Anna’s wise words: “Have faith in your workout again.”

We tip our hats to the men and women behind the scenes who get celebs super fit and looking great. Kudos to them!

Anna Kaiser celebrity personal trainer

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Who are your favorite celebrity fitness trainers? Share in the comments below.

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