5 Tips for Running in Cold Weather

Most of us had the same thoughts as we walked out the door this morning: “I can’t wait to get back to bed.” 

Cold weather is not only a deterrent to the morning commute but it can also put a halt to the running routine that you had established throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Frigid weather is both a legitimate and convenient excuse for keeping things inside, but it can also lead to you losing one-third of your current fitness level, which would mean beginning the conditioning process over when you do decide to pick things up again.

Establishing and incorporating some strategies to help combat the cold is vital if you are to maintain your routine. Here are a few helpful tips for helping you continue to get outside and run during the winter months.

Find a running group – There is strength in numbers, especially when you’re looking for any further motivation to get out and run. Finding a local run community, like Wolfpack Running Chicago is a good way to help stay engaged and encouraged.

Keep up to date with the weather – While we’re all for braving the elements to hit that mile count, we definitely don’t encourage running through heavy snowfall or freezing rain.

Adapt your training – You might not be willing to brave cold winds through your typical five-mile run. Try scaling back to three and rising the intensity and frequency of your runs throughout the week.

Focus on maintaining – It can be difficult to make improvements to personal best or increase your mileage during the colder months. Try maintaining a consistent 20 to 30-minute run for three to four days a week to help maintain your fitness level until the weather begins to break and you’re able to increase your workload.

Don’t forget your cold-weather essentials – Investing in the right gear will go a long way in helping keep you at your most comfortable in cold weather. Items such as running gloves, cold-weather running socks (yes, this is a thing), base layer tops, fleece-lined running tights, running ear warmers are some of the essentials necessary for making your cold-weather running enjoyable.

Looking to make those cold runs more competitive? Download the Stridekick app and challenge your friends to join you in braving and embracing the cool.

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