The RxBar Paleo Protein Bar Experiment – Matchup Edition

The RxBar Paleo Protein Bar Experiment – Matchup Edition

We are all about healthy living at Matchup. We value small steps towards healthy lifestyle changes and working towards becoming your best self through consuming nutritious foods and incorporating physical movement into your everyday routine.

We get easily caught up in our busy lifestyles, which makes incorporating healthy foods in our diet quite challenging. But snacking doesn’t have to be so difficult anymore. RxBar, a health and wellness startup in Chicago, produces nutritious 100% real food paleo protein bars for everyday snacking. We were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with them and try their products – and in our true form, we added a bit of a fun twist.

rxbar paleo protein bar six flavors

Our team took on the RxBar challenge. Without letting anyone see the packaging or take a look on the internet, we decided a blind taste test would do the trick. Team members would blindly taste the bars to see if anyone could guess all of the natural ingredients in the bars.

The Blind RxBar Taste Test

Grace blind tested the coconut chocolate bar, chosen at random. When she tried the bar, she tasted a combination of  coconut, almonds and a hint of maple syrup. When she took a look at the ingredients, she couldn’t believe there wasn’t any added sugar. She knew she tasted something sweet but “would have never guessed it was dates!”

grace sampling rxbar paleo protein bar

grace paleo protein bar rxbar

Next, John was up to bat. He blindly taste tasted the blueberry RxBar and tasted blueberry and almonds. John and Grace were both surprised these bars were made of egg whites. How could something so tasty be so healthy? They both agreed they’d eat this as a healthy snack!

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john trying blueberry rxbar paleo protein bar

john opening rxbar paleo protein bar

john eat rxbar paleo protein bar

Gotta Try Them All

Next, we decided to give all the different flavors a go. We’d try a bit of each bar and see which ones were our favorites.

rxbar paleo protein bar sampling

RxBar has 8 flavors to choose from, including coconut chocolate, blueberry, chocolate sea salt, peanut butter, coffee chocolate, apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice and their newest flavor: mint chocolate! We had the opportunity to try 7 of the flavors and found they were each delicious in their own way! Though each of our preferences vary, votes on flavors ranked blueberry, peanut butter and apple cinnamon as top favorites.

Our team had a ton of fun doing the RxBar paleo protein bar experiment. We think you should check them out and try them for yourselves!

Happy snacking!

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