The Best Wearable Tech for Swimmers

The Best Wearable Tech for Swimmers

The world’s most popular wearable tech company — Fitbit — just launched a new line to appeal to a neglect segment of the activity-loving population: swimmers.

The Flex 2 is the company’s first waterproof fitness tracker. It tracks swimming strokes and calories burned, along with the other metrics Fitbit fans are used to seeing. (It’s waterproof-ability should also make it an appealing option for the accident-prone crowd.)

Plus, for those worried about a bulky watch creating drag in the pool, reports that the Flex 2 is 30 percent smaller than the first iteration of the device. “Like the Alta, the Flex 2 is housed in a removable pill-shaped unit that you can easily slip into different wristbands—leather for the office, say, and black rubber for the dawn patrol at your local beach,” the website reports.

Although this news is no doubt pleasing to water-loving exercisers, it’s not entirely new. notes that a host of waterproof trackers exist for everyone for the wetsuit set. Here are more options below.

Top Wearable Tech for Swimmers

The Garmin family.


The Garmin Vivoactive HR and Garmin Vivosmart HR+ are both good choices. The former has a dedicated swim mode for pace and distance tracker. The latter will note your activity (without the dedicated swim mode) while remaining an excellent option for running and other activity modes.

There’s also the “lightweight and comfortable” Garmin Swim, which named as its No. 1. swim tracker, thanks to its replaceable, long-lasting coin battery (no charging needed). But as a downside, there’s no multisport function available.

TomTom Spark.


This watch made our list on the best devices for runners because of its easy-to-read interface and music storage and playing abilities. It’s a swimming favorite, too, thanks to its dedicated swim mode that allows users to select pool size for an accurate look at training intervals. It’s multisport friendly, so great for triathletes and those looking for everyday fitness tracking.

Swimovate PoolMate Live.


LiveScience’s runner-up best tracker, this multisport watch boasts a “large and clear” screen great for underwater viewing, the website notes. As a downside, it’s not mobile device compatible: You have to download and use the company’s specific software on your computer in order to analyze your stats.

Do you have any other recommendations for the best wearable tech for swimmers?

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