Target Mode: Hit a Step Bullseye with Our Newest Challenge Mode

Target Mode: Hit a Step Bullseye with Our Newest Challenge Mode

We’re excited to introduce our newest challenge mode: Target mode! Set a step goal and hit it head on. This challenge is perfect for you if you’re looking to challenge yourself to hit long term goals.

How Target Mode Works

For this challenge mode you’ll pick a total target goal for the specified challenge duration and step towards meeting this goal each day. Hit your target pace everyday to ensure a bullseye.

target mode hit a bullseye

What’s great about this challenge mode is that if you fall short one day you have another day to pick up the slack. Treat this challenge mode as a marathon in which a consistent pace throughout will increase your probability of success. And if you hit a step bullseye, you’ll be victorious.

Pace is Key

With your long-term step goal in mind your pace is extremely important. Each day you’ll want to hit your target pace to stay on track towards your goal. Watch your pace bar fill up as you fit in steps throughout the day.  This means if it is early in the day or you haven’t synced yet, your pace may look low.

target progress pace

You can create your own target challenge through our updated mobile app. Head to the challenges tab along the bottom navigation. From there you’ll want to click the + sign in the top right hand corner and choose target mode from the challenge options.

This challenge mode is all about setting a long-term goal and committing to hitting it! Step your best each day in hopes of reaching your target! If you play your cards right you just might hit a bullseye! What are you waiting for? Give this challenge mode a try! And don’t forget to share your feedback!!

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Tell us: What challenge mode would you love to see in the future?

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