5 Suggestions to Help Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is upon us. With that comes cold weather, lots of shopping, eating various holiday meals, and weight gain. It’s perfectly fine to indulge in some of your favorite dishes and desserts; you just don’t want to go overboard.

Despite the fears of many of substantial weight gain during the weeks between Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, there have been several studies that show that the average weight gain during the winter holidays is around one to three pounds. Shocking, right?

While that may alleviate some worry, those same studies also show those subsequent holiday pounds do account for up to 70 percent of total weight gained per year.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, here are five helpful suggestions to help avoid those excess pounds while still being able to enjoy yourself.

Moderation: Who doesn’t enjoy stacking their plate with all of their favorite holiday dishes? Instead of solely focusing on portion control, try plate control. Using a smaller plate helps limit the amount of food you allow yourself. Now about seconds…

Enjoy your meal: Instead of rushing through the first serving for the second helping, thoroughly chew and savor your bites. Research has shown that eating slowly can help you eat less and avoid weight gain.

Avoid lying down after eating: The first thing many want to do after eating is to lie down and relax. Nothing wrong with a little food coma, right? Wrong. Lying down after meals can lead to indigestion and even serious digestive diseases like acid reflux. Keeping yourself upright after eating helps your body absorb the food easily, and your stomach will thank you.

Walk it out: Start a new family tradition. Instead of lounging on the couch after dinner, head outside for a post-meal walk. Researchers have found that walking after eating can help aid in speeding up digestion and improve blood sugar levels.

Rise early: The holidays also bring time off from work, which can lead to many opting to sleep in. Make the most of the additional free time by scheduling some light exercise into your routine. Something as simple as taking the dog for an extended morning walk or opting to take the stairs during holiday shopping will go a long way in helping you avoid weight gain with increased caloric intake.

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