Stridekick Insights – Take A Deeper Look Into Your Fitness Tracker Data

Stridekick Insights – Take A Deeper Look Into Your Fitness Tracker Data

This week we’re thrilled to introduce our newest feature: Stridekick Insights! With insights you have the power to store your fitness data history and discover more about yourself with enhanced displays and insights. Upgrade to that new tracker you’ve been wanting without erasing your fitness history and recognize activity patterns so you can make the necessary healthy behavior changes to achieve your personal fitness goals. 

What You Can Do With Insights

Preserve and Analyze Your Data

Let Stridekick be your fitness database. Store all of your fitness tracker data in one place so you can go back and view any day’s data anytime. You’ll now be able to look back at your data to analyze your patterns. Do your steps seem to always slump on Sundays? Recognize this and make the healthy behavior change to boost your step count by walking your Sunday errands. Acknowledging your patterns will help you to take the necessary next steps to developing healthier behaviors and lasting lifestyle change.

Compare Yourself to Yourself

Insights allows you to view your fitness tracker data in new and exciting ways. With new graphs and charts you’ll be able to view and engage with your data in more ways than ever before.

Ever wondered how your activity from last month compares to your current data? Insights allows you to compare your steps, active minutes and distance data to the previous 7, 30 and custom number of days. Find your areas for improvement and make your best days better. compare-previous-30-days-of fitness-tracker-data

Customize your charts with the date picker to see exactly what you want. The default ranges of previous 7 days and 30 days tells a story, but the custom range allows you to look into the days that matter most to you. For custom ranges, the first calendar is the begin date while the latter is desired end date.

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View Your Top Activity

View your top steps, distance and active minutes of all time. What did you do on these days that helped you to push your limits and achieve your personal step success? Figure it out and include more of this in your day to day activities.

top activity data insights

You also have the ability to chart your best week, month and quarter for steps, distance and active minutes. Celebrate your best days and take on the ultimate challenge: beat the best version of yourself.

best week month and quarter chart

Edit Your Historical Data

Forget to wear your tracker for a day? Went a few days without syncing? No problem! You now have the ability to fetch your own historical data or even manually edit your history.

Don’t worry, this won’t affect your challenges! These features are separate from the challenge step counts and exist to ensure that you have an accurate view of their fitness data through Insights.


Insights is a feature added to help you achieve even your toughest of personal health goals. Take control and own your data, learn more from it and transform your behavior to become a happier and healthier version of yourself.

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