Stridekick Fitness Stickers Now Available to Download

Stridekick Fitness Stickers Now Available to Download

Apple’s latest release, iOS 10, comes with a number of new features, including a new way to jazz up your iMessages…stickers! Yes, you heard right. iOS 10 comes complete with sticker packs. Sure, most of us stopped covering our notebooks and desks with stickers when we were 11 years old, but this grown-up version is filled with old-school fun you most definitely should get excited about.
Stridekick Fitness stickers may not be scratch-and-sniff, but after working up a sweat that may be a good thing. Whether you run marathons or off into the distance with a delicious slice of pizza, Stridekick Fitness has the perfect sticker for you. Jump off the struggle bus and celebrate that trip up the stairs because fitness should be fun!


How to Download Stridekick Fitness Stickers

First and most importantly, you must update your iPhone to iOS 10. Then you’ll want to open up the iMessage app and head to one of your conversations. Tap the app store icon within the keyboard section. Tap the menu button in the bottom-left hand corner (the ellipsis has four dots). Tap the plus sign which will take you to the store and search for Stridekick Fitness Stickers.
Once downloaded, you’ll be able to click on the Sticker App to see all the Stridekick Fitness stickers along the bottom of the screen, in the same way you would see emoji.
Even if your recipient doesn’t have Stridekick Fitness stickers installed they’ll still see your sent stickers (and they will probably be jealous and head right to the iMessage App Store to download it themselves). So yes, friends still on iOS 9 can still see your stickers, but they’ll appear as a separate message (Currently, this is the same for your Mac book).
Finally, you can brag about your accomplishments big and small like taking the stairs, waking up before noon and having legs that still work.

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Add a Stridekick Fitness sticker to your message to cheer on your fellow steppers or tell them about your ride on the struggle bus. Say goodbye to boring texts limited with traditional emoji and hello to sticker madness. Download the free Stridekick Fitness sticker pack now!


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Stridekick is an online and mobile platform that allows individuals to create and join fun fitness challenges regardless of which wearable device they own or level of fitness. Join a community of other health minded individuals in stepping towards your health goals today!