Stop Doing Exercises You Hate

Stop Doing Exercises You Hate

If there’s one fitness-related thing we can all agree on this year, it’s this: It’s time to stop doing workouts you hate.

Lots of people — Stridekick included — suggest one key to exercise motivation is finding an activity you love. It’s much easier and much more sustainable to make movement a long-term part of your life that way.

But lately, we’ve been thinking if it might be even more important to frame this in another direction. What if instead of aiming to only move the way we love, we simply committed to stopping what we hate?

The boot camp class that’s so hard it makes you feel terrible. The indoor cycling class that bores you to death. You get the idea.

For example, blogger Tina of recently wrote on her blog:

“I get emails all the time from readers who tell me that they don’t like running because it’s hard, boring, hurts their knees, etc. I typically tell them that running isn’t easy and you really need to love it if you want to run marathons and half marathons. Running for hours and hours might not be for you and that’s okay. Not everyone needs to be a runner. Basically, what I’m saying is stop doing the workouts that you think you should be doing and find something that you look forward to and want to do regularly.”

We couldn’t agree more!

If you’d rather do yoga or Pilates, or take a brisk walk on the bike trail near your house, or swim laps — and skip running, CrossFit and other trendy exercise regimens — then do it. It’s what makes you happiest that matters.


There might even be scientific evidence to back up this idea.

One study from Cornell University found that your mindset going into exercise can impact how healthy you act afterward.

In a study, participants who thought of exercise as a “fun break” ate fewer M&Ms later in the day, whereas those who thought of exercise as a workout rewarded themselves with overeating M&Ms later in the day.

So, the thinking goes, find the thing that’s fun, and forgo the activities you dread, and you’ll truly be happier and healthier for it.

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