Publicly Sharing Our Fitness Commitments

Publicly Sharing Our Fitness Commitments

We’re reminded everyday how important a supportive community is to our users, whether they’re working towards hitting new fitness goals or staying engaged with other people who value physical activity and healthy habits. Many of our super-users communicate and gather on Facebook Groups, Google Hangouts, and various Fitbit communities where their first conversation or interaction occurred when they first started tracking while stepping. Many of those conversations that were sparked digitally have become meaningful relationships where users now rely on each other to stay engaged and hit new milestones. 

Now that we’ve successfully accomplished our first race as a team, we want to keep up the momentum by publicly pledging to races we want to tackle this year. This way, we’re hoping to make good on our commitments by goal-setting, training, and working hard to achieve new fitness benchmarks for ourselves and together as a team.


We love the transparency and accountability that our users have with their groups and hope to take their lead by sharing our own goals and stories with the larger Matchup community. Though we’re not all super athletes like our team member Andy (see his race pledges below), we comprise a group of semi-active to moderately active steppers who share similar fitness-related challenges and struggles just like everyone else.

We believe in the power of community — our community — to inspire, support, and change one another’s lives. The best thing we can give people is the space and encouragement to shine. We hope that Matchup is that community, so shine on, friends.

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Team Matchup Race Pledges:




Are you inspired to make a similar pledge and share your fitness commitments this year? Have any training tips or stories you want to swap? Share them on our Community discussion board or in the comments below!

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