Plogging: The New Fitness Trend Coming to the US


There is a new Scandinavian exercise trend that’s beginning to gain traction in the United States, and it’s eco-friendly.

It’s called plogging. Before you laugh at the name, the exercise is a way to not only help your health but also the environment.


The word plogging combines jogging with the Swedish word for “pick up” – plocka upp – and that is the basis of the workout. How many times have you gone for a run in your neighborhood and been disgusted by the amount of garbage along your route? It’s probably become so common, you’ve learned to visually block it out.

While running clubs are popular worldwide, in Europe, it’s becoming common to see groups of individuals running with small trash bags and disposable or garden gloves. These are people who are committed to their fitness but also want to have an impact on the communities they are residing in.

Swedish-based fitness app Lifesum, recently incorporated plogging as a workout, so users could track their activity. The app found that thirty minutes of plogging burned 288 calories for the average person compared to the 235 burned by jogging alone in that same time frame. Search the hashtag #plogging and you’ll find a growing number of enthusiasts showcasing their litter hauls.

Can plogging catch on in the US?

Connecticut-based environmental organization, Keep America Beautiful, recently started promoting plogging to help create cleaner, greener and more beautiful communities. Can you imagine a world in where this activity becomes as common as a regular running routine?

While it may take some time for it to fully catch on over in the US, you can be the catalyst within your community to help begin leading the charge.

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