New Journey Challenge Mode Feature: Milestones and Landmarks

New Journey Challenge Mode Feature: Milestones and Landmarks

Here at Matchup, we’re taking trekking virtual hikes to the next level. One of our most popular challenge modes, the journey mode, is getting an upgrade. Matchup is happy to announce our new feature: the addition of milestones and landmarks to journey challenges.

Let’s recap, with the journey mode you embark on virtual expeditions worldwide while monitoring your progress as you step along the different trails and keeping your eyes peeled for your competition every mile of the way. Now, with the addition of milestones and landmarks, you’ll add a little more character to your virtual adventures.

How They Work


Along your journey you’ll pass historical landmarks that will be highlighted with a green building icon. As you approach these landmarks, you’ll have the option of clicking on the icon for a description. With our virtual maps, you’re not only traveling to different places you may have never visited, but you’re now getting the opportunity to dig deeper and learn more about the history, culture and significance of each location.

matchup journey landmark


Each journey will have a certain number of milestones you reach as you make your way from start to finish. These markers and their placements are determined by the host of the challenge. Just like the landmarks, as you pass the milestones you’ll have the option of clicking on the icon for a description. These will vary per host and the possibilities are endless!

matchup journey milestone

For the time being, only Matchup sponsored challenges will contain landmarks and milestones, but in the future there will be an option for hosts to incorporate these new features. Another cool feature is the option to view your journey through street or satellite views, whichever you prefer.

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virtual journey map street view with milestones and landmarks

Street View Map

satellite map view

Satellite Map View

Our team has been working very hard on these new features and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We’re very excited to be able to share these with you. In fact, so excited, that we’ve created a special journey challenge with landmarks and milestones for you to try it out! So, what are you waiting for?

join the challenge call to action

Don’t forget to share any and all feedback you may have. Any insights, questions or concerns can be shared in the comments below, written on our community board or sent through any of our social media channels.
We’re also close to launching a newsfeed feature and are looking for individuals that may be interested in beta testing before we officially launch. The newsfeed will display a collection of events based off of you and your friends activity on Matchup! Initially it will only be available via web, but we’d love to have users test it out and give us some feedback. Interested? Reach out to .

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