New Feature: Matchup News Feed– Get Social with Friends & Coworkers

New Feature: Matchup News Feed– Get Social with Friends & Coworkers

One of the greatest parts of Matchup is our ever-evolving community of energetic and supportive steppers dedicated to making strides in their health journeys. As our community continued to grow we realized there was a component that seemed to be missing– a social component. We’re happy to announce the release of our newest feature: News Feed– a place for you to stay connected and up to date with friends, family and coworkers. There are many new areas to explore, friends to be made and challenges to be joined! Don’t worry, the guide below will help you to get acquainted and smoothly navigate through the new features on the web.

News Feed 

With this new update comes new navigation around the web. In the top right hand corner in between profile and dashboard, you’ll notice the news feed tab. Here’s where you’ll stay up to date with your friends and family and share anything new and exciting that’s going on with you.

Accumulated in your news feed will be the news of all of your Matchup friends. Friends made, challenges created and friend’s updates will all live here.

matchup news feed stream new updateNot sure which challenge to join? See which challenges your friends joined so you can step alongside them.

Want all of your friends to step in the new challenge you just created? Now that your new challenge is posted on your news feed, any and all of your friends are welcome to join.

What You Can Do With News Feed

Post Updates

Hit an ultimate step milestone or beat your friend in a step battle? Share it with all of your friends, family and coworkers. In your posts you can also include external links, like youtube videos, and emojis to add a little flare. When you hit command+control+space on a mac, an emoji keyboard will be brought up!

Post on Your Friend’s Walls

Found a song that you know your friend would love or that video of the puppy scared of his own hiccups? Share it on your friend’s wall and await the laughter to come.

Comment on Updates

When your animal loving sister sees the video you posted on Julie’s wall, she’s sure to chime in with an LOL or two. You can comment on any of your friend’s posts on your news feed. Whether you’re congratulating a coworker on a challenge win or reminding Nana to get her steps in for the day, a simple comment should give them that boost of confidence or nudge they need to get moving!

Like Updates

See something you like, don’t be hesitant to give the heart a tap. You can like anything, and everything, on your news feed, if you wish.

Add Images

Bought a new pair of walking shoes or witnessed a beautiful sunrise on your morning walk? Snap a pic and post it to your newsfeed channel for all to see. Hey, don’t just save all the beauty for yourself…we want to see too! You can add up to 4 images in one update.

New and Improved Profile

The profile tab at the top of the page will still take you to your profile. But when you click on it you’ll notice a drop down with both a settings and notifications option. Let’s check out the completely revamped profile first!

When you click on profile, on the right hand side you’ll see your “wall”– where your friends can post directly and where all of your accumulated updates will live. And on the left hand side you’ll view an updated preview of your stats, friends and badges.

matchup profile page with wall

If you hover over the profile tab again, and click the drop down to settings, you’ll enter the improved user settings page. With a little UI love and easier navigation, you’ll be able to edit and update your settings in quick speed. Here you’ll be able to switch devices, fetch your data and make any profile changes necessary.

matchup new settings page to update info fetch data and change device

Fetch Data– What’s That?

Each day you sync your fitness tracker to your phone via bluetooth. Then Matchup fetches your steps from your devices cloud. It does not pull directly from your device. Fetch data was previously referred to as forced sync, but this seemed to cause a little confusion. The fetch data button on the right hand side of your settings screen is there to pull your data from your cloud to Matchup. We check in with your device’s cloud every 10 minutes for new steps and when we find them we pull the last days worth of data. Because of this, you have to remember to sync to your device’s app every day ​so we can fetch and you don’t miss a step.


Your notifications will still pop up in an orange circle next to your profile image on the top nav bar, but when you click on them they’ll look a tad different. You’ll now be taken to your very own notification center versus previously taken to your profile page. Here you’ll be able to see your friend requests and challenge requests.

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matchup new notification center with friend requests and challenge invitations

Challenge Walls

Another new feature is for messaging in your challenges. Your messages will now appear on a challenge wall where you can like and comment. Very similar to your news feed, you’ll be sure to catch on quick! This will make messaging in challenges easier and keep the conversation going with more engagement options!

new challenge wall for matchup
Our design and development team has been hard at work to bring this awesome new feature to all of you. For now, the changes will only be available on web (fully responsive), but are coming to iOS soon. Log online, play around and post your first update! We hope you enjoy, happy stepping 🙂

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