New Feature: Leaderboard Challenge

New Feature: Leaderboard Challenge

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new challenge mode: Leaderboard!


The Leaderboard challenge is the perfect way for steppers to stay competitive within their step range. In an effort for peers to stay engaged and feel motivated, steppers can create a Leaderboard challenge based on steps they typically average on a regular basis with people in their step range. This way, steppers that either step lower or higher don’t affect the performance and ranking of the majority of the group’s stats.

Additionally, we’ve done a big update to the platform and have removed the “Stats” tab from the Journey and Streak challenge modes for this reason. The idea is to encourage everyone in the Matchup community to stay competitive by choosing the new Leaderboard challenge.

We’ve kept the “Stats” tab in the Head-to-Head challenge since it’s a competitive mode.

Check out the new Leaderboard challenge and let us know what you think!

Note: All Leaderboard challenges created by players are considered private challenges.


  • Go to Menu drop down. Click ‘Create Challenge’.
  • Select Leaderboard challenge.


  • Fill in required fields (i.e. title, description, start date, end date, etc.).


  • Invite friends to compete with you by email, social media, or selecting from your Matchup Friends list.


  • See how you rank in the group by clicking ‘Today’s Activity’ for daily stats. Click on the left and right arrows to view each day’s activity.


  • Click on the ‘Overall’ tab to view how you rank compared to your competitors overall.


Create a Leaderboard Challenge here.

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