MVP Ericka Inspires Healthy Activity With Boy Scouts and Beyond

MVP Ericka Inspires Healthy Activity With Boy Scouts and Beyond

In January, a stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis caused Matchup user Ericka Stupart to zero in on her health.

“Trying to get fit and healthy is a top priority for me … these walking challenges that I’ve been participating in have kept me active, but also helped me keep my mind off my health situation,” she said. “You can think about it all day and worry and worry and worry, but this has been a good distraction.”

She started stepping with Matchup after her coworker Tammie Coley at Cox Communications in Atlanta began hosting challenges at work. (Check out Tammie’s great tips for taking 30,000+ steps per day here!)

Spreading Matchup to the Boy Scouts of America Community

After enjoying the accountability and the healthy competition in the workplace, Stupart decided to get her fellow parents at her twin 13-year-old sons’ Boy Scouts troop involved, too. Now, 8 to 10 parents participate in Journey and Head-to-Head challenges regularly, with the goal of getting the Scouts in on the fun eventually, too.

“One of the reasons I wanted to set up the challenge for the parents is so they could see how fun [fitness] is and encourage their kids to do that as well,” she said, noting that there’s a Boy Scout badge focused on fitness for the kids to work toward.

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Ericka’s Matchup Journey

Personally, Matchup has been great not only for her habits, but also her outlook, she said.

“My habits have definitely changed. I used to leave work and go home, take care of the kids and probably just sit down in front of the TV for the rest of the evening,” she said. “When I get home now, I’m stepping in place, dancing around. It’s not until much later in the evening when I actually sit down.”

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Stupart said she averages 9 to 10,000 steps per day, but thanks to the motivation from Matchup’s Head-to-Head Challenges, she’s been known to hit 30,000 or higher in a single day.

“It’s just the thrill of being in competition with somebody, trying to get more steps than them,” she said. “Motivating people to keep going has turned out to be a very fun experience, all the while getting healthy,” she added.

With her outlook on motivating friends, family, coworkers and herself, it’s no doubt Stupart has a few victories — whether with her fitness tracker or against cancer — ahead of her.

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