MVP Best Practices & Guidelines

MVP Best Practices & Guidelines

Matchup harnesses the power of community and competition to keep users motivated to achieve their fitness goals. The success of our growing community resides in the incredible passion and leadership of our MVPs. Here are some best practices and guidelines to keep in mind.



  • Encourage your friends and peers to participate in the conversations and activities on Matchup!
  • Share your creative ideas (with players and the Matchup team) on activities and conversations you would like to lead or facilitate.
  • As a host of a community challenge, choose step ranges that are representative of you and your group(s).
  • When creating community challenges, consider step goals that others find achievable and can participate in.
  • Nominate others to become MVPs. See How To Become An MVP.
  • Share your community challenges on your socials (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.) and thecommunity board to get more interest/visibility for players to join.
  • Be an amazing cheerleader for your friends and peers on Matchup!
  • Let us know if you would like to contribute to our blog or participate in a Google+ Hangout(coming soon!).


  • Do not post, advertise, or promote products or services commercially.
  • Do not post profane or explicit content.
  • Do not post communications that could be interpreted as threatening or harassing.
  • Do not promote illegal or harmful activities or substances.
  • Do not be a passive spectator – you are a rockstar MVP after all. 😉
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