Matchup’s Makin’ Moves– A Startup’s Move Into Their Own Space

Matchup’s Makin’ Moves– A Startup’s Move Into Their Own Space

A couple of months ago we celebrated our one-year anniversary. In a blink of an eye, a full year of bringing health, wellness and community to our clients and users has come and gone, but boy, have we come a long way. Our product continues to evolve everyday and our team has tremendously grown. What started out as a team of three would now be a team of ten very talented and passionate individuals that pride themselves in hard work, empathy, and a continuous desire to learn.

Each week we gathered at our co-working space, Catapult, to collaborate, learn and grow as a team. Working out of Catapult was perfect for us; it was a great space to build our company and the hard work and dedication shown by all of the Catapult members inspired us to do our best everyday.

Matchup team at catapult office

Although we loved our space in Catatpult, as we continued to grow, we began to realize that our once large space was beginning to seem a little cramped. What used to be plenty of room to build our culture and product, was now tiny and overcrowded.

As it saddened us to leave our co-working space, we knew it was in our best interest to move into our own space, a space large enough to fit our growing team and unique enough to inspire us everyday.

Love At First Site

Finding the perfect space for our team seemed like a daunting task, but in reality our founders fell hard, and fast, for one of the first few places they saw. A spacious office lined with windows, sun flowing in all day, and a kitchen large enough to fit our instacart snacks, what more could we ask for? With a slap of paint and some new floors this place would be good as new. It looked as though we had found our new space.

It wasn’t long before we drew up the layout on our white board and began to sketch out our “dance floor” and standing work desk station. (Okay, no “permanent” dance floor, but if there’s a will there’s a way 😉 ) The team could hardly contain their excitement, and so the planning began.

funny matchup office layout

Making The Move

There’s something so exciting about moving into a place of our own, a place where we can continue to grow our culture and build new and exciting things, with our team, the possibilities are endless.

Construction began, paint colors chosen and furniture browsed. The whole team was on board, and it would take our whole army to make this move quick and easy.

Matchup empty space

Move in day rolled around, and the team gathered bright and early to help the move run smoothly. A little bit of coffee and some doughnuts helped fuel us on our journey. We said our goodbyes to Catapult and it was off to our new home, on Erie Street, in River North.

When we arrived there was plenty of work to be done. With our spirits high, and our caffeine kicking in, we got to work. Chairs were to be assembled and desks put together, nothing our Matchup team couldn’t handle. It was a great day filled with laughter and some good jams.

Startup moving spaces and assembling furniture

Startup assembling chairs in their new space

Putting together desks at the new space

Welcome Home

It’s been a week or so since we’ve moved in and we couldn’t be happier. Since move in day there’ve been a couple of layout redesigns, but it seems as though we’ve finally found one that feels right. With the move dying down, supplies organized and almost all of the furniture assembled, it’s finally starting to feel like home.

laptop work station overlooking office

wood floors with bright blue wall and white couch

Matchup team after moving in

Are you a Chicago Matchup user or startup community member? Come check out our new space for some Halloween happy hour fun. We’re hosting a spooktakular shindig October 29th at our new space from 6-9pm. Prepare yourself for a night on Erie street filled with food, drinks and our very own djs. Interested? Email “Let’s get spooky” and we’ll send you over an invite 😉

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