Matchup Tackles Fantasy Football

Matchup Tackles Fantasy Football

As the NFL 2015-2016 football season begins, so do the ever so popular fantasy football leagues. Player’s stats are studied, injuries feared, teams evaluated, practice drafts taken and trash talk taken to new heights. It certainly feels like the most magical time of the year for sports lovers. Quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs galore, who will pick the winning team with the top score?

The Matchup team decided to jump in on the action. This year, our slate is clean, and the pot is full. Some members are experienced in the world of daily fantasy football, while others are newbies. As the team deliberated how the league would run, we looked towards our trusty commissioner, Anthony, for guidance.

league matchups week 1

We’re facing off in a standard league, picking a team of 16 players including 1 quaterback, 3 wide receivers, 2 running backs, 1 tight end, 1 kicker and a defense team. Our league of 10 will draft on the Tuesday prior to the start of the season and each week we’ll start our best lineup to receive the most points.

The Kickoff

Drafting the best possible team is the first step in fantasy success. Of course everyone wanted to choose as close to first as possible, so we came up with our own Matchup solution to solve this dilemma. The best draft solution: 3 day leaderboard challenge using the Matchup platform. Over the course of the Labor Day weekend, our league competed in a step-off for first pick. At the end of the weekend, the results of the leaderboard challenge determined the official drafting order.

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matchup fantasy football leaderboard for draft

Drafting isn’t the only thing Matchup challenges can be used for in this fantasy league. Each week, we’ll be having leaderboard challenges to decide the waiver wire order. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it’s basically the order in which we can choose to add and drop players from the free agent board. Each week, if we want to pick someone up off of the free agent board and drop someone off of our lineup, we’ll have to follow the leaderboard order and hope who we want is still there!

Tuesday rolled around and it was time to draft. Competition got intense over the weekend, but there was one clear leader: Anthony.He kicked us off with drafting…and so the league began!

matchup fantasy league drafting order

Fantasy 101

It was quickly evident that our league needed some help getting familiar playing Fantasy Football. While some team members were experienced players—others were evidently not.Learning the art of fantasy football takes time and dedication. It has a lot of moving parts and there’s a bunch of research to be done if you want to remain a competitive player. We’ll dive deep into the basics of how a league works:

The Basics

1) Join a league. Whether it be with family, friends or coworkers. You can even start your own league. Teams normally run with 8, 10 or 12 players, an even number is necessary.

2) Start your research. You must learn how a fantasy football league runs and works. Each week you go head 2 head with an opponent in your league and compete for top fantasy points based on real stats. There are different rules and regulations based on what your league picks. Make sure to brush up on these rules.

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3) Drafting top players onto your team sets your entire season up for success. Do your research and find the players you believe will do well. But you must remember, injuries happen. If a player has been injured recently or is prone to injury, it may be best you avoid putting them on your team.

4) Once you’ve drafted the winning team, it’s time to play the game. Each week, you’ll set your starting lineup and watch games religiously to see how many points you can rack up.

5) Your goal? To reach the post season and work your way through the playoffs. You want your team to win each week and advance to the next round.

Tips For Drafting The Dream Team

1) Research, research, research! We can’t emphasize this enough. Research: last years stats, player stats, injury reports, and the season schedule.

2) Make a drafting cheat sheet. Look up cheat sheets online and then make one of your own. Who would you want as first, second, and third picks?

3) Draft running backs early and often. It doesn’t hurt to have a few great ones up your sleeve sitting on the bench as well.

4) Save picking your kicker and defense team until later in the draft.

5) Make sure when choosing some of your best players to avoid them having the same bye weeks. Bye weeks mean that this player’s team does not have a game that week. Therefore, in these situations you’ll want to have someone else starting for that position on your team.

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Follow these simple tips for a great 2015-2016 season. Our Matchup league is going to get extremely competitive, but we’ll have to wait and see who takes home the prize!

fantasy league winner

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Have you ever been in a fantasy league? What tips do you have for taking home the trophy? Share in the comments below.

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