Matchup Launches iOS App for Cross-Device Fitness Competition

Matchup Launches iOS App for Cross-Device Fitness Competition

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After gathering 25,000+ of users since the debut of our web platform in July 2014, we’re excited to announce that Matchup is going mobile with the launch of our iOS app, available for free in the App Store today.

With the Matchup iOS app, you can connect your Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings fitness trackers to participate in fitness challenges with friends, coworkers and other individuals, and stay active together. (Support for Garmin, Misfit, the Moves app, and Apple HealthKit will be available shortly.)

One of the biggest challenges we see with fitness trackers today is retention. While many people are initially excited about their fitness tracking device, it oftentimes ends up in a drawer instead of on your wrist.

Harnessing the power of community and competition, the Matchup iOS app helps you stay focused on those fitness goals with a variety of challenges and a community of peers to rally around you for both accountability and support.


We’ve created a collection of curated challenges in a variety of different modes hosted by our team and community MVPs.

  • Head-to-Head: Get paired with a new player each day to see who gets the most steps and how you rank with other competitive steppers.

  • Leaderboard: Test your fitness limits and push yourself to be a top stepper.

  • Journey: Have you ever wanted to walk the Pacific Crest Trail or the Great Ocean Walk in Australia? Now you can without leaving your neighborhood. Choose from a variety of virtual trails.

  • Streaks: Track the number of consecutive days you’ve successfully hit your step goals in this challenge mode.

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Join one of our existing challenges or create one tailored to your personal goals.

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Research shows that working out with a buddy increases your likelihood of fitness success. Matchup rallies a community of peers around you to support you on your fitness journey. Invite your friends or make new ones within our community. See how your activity matches up to your friends, with filtering options based on daily, weekly, monthly or overall steps taken.

“Been playing with the beta for the past few months and really excited about the launch. Love how the app organizes the challenges I’m already in, and makes it easy to find available community challenges, as well as start my own challenges with friends.” – Scott Myers, Matchup MVP & user

Download the Matchup iOS app today and join our community of people looking to get fit together.  

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