Matchup Fitness is Now Stridekick

Matchup Fitness is Now Stridekick

Attention all steppers, we’ve officially changed our name from Matchup Fitness to Stridekick! We’ve been holding on to this secret for a bit now, and could not be more excited to share it with all of you. Over the past couple of months we’ve been going through a rebrand. With our new name comes a new logo, fun designs and an updated look and feel to the app. On top of the rebrand we’ve also added two new features: push notifications and in-app content.

Now, you may be wondering what led to this name change (or you might already have a hunch). We wanted to move away from the dating site connotation and lead with a name that better aligned with our company goals. With the name Matchup, users and potential clients often reported confusion. It has not been an uncommon occurrence to see support tickets asking to cancel a account or messages asking the team for help finding a partner — leaving Stridekick to explain that we provide online fitness buddies only. Starting today, May 2nd, we’ll be known as Stridekick!

What’s New?

Discover a World of Content

With this release comes in-app content. Now, you can access healthy living tips and information on the latest science in wellness, wearables and behavior change in the News Feed. Searching for motivation or a healthy recipes? Stridekick and a variety of Influencers will be sharing content and hosting sponsored challenges to keep you on track and motivated!

How it Works

Head to the News Feed to view all of our content. This is the second tab from the left along the bottom of your app and in the top right hand corner of your desktop. When you enter into News Feed you’ll notice a completely different layout. At the top you’ll see a handful of influencers that you can follow. Toggle through them and see which content you’d love to read. Click on the “Discover” button to view every piece of content and click the “Influencers” button to view all the Influencers on the platform.

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stridekick news feed influencer and discover


We’ve gathered a group of awesome Influencers looking to give you the best experience on Stridekick. Day in and day out they’ll be sharing content that you love. Get to know the influencers better by viewing their pages and all of their content. Healthy lifestyle tips, exercises, recipes and wearables, you name it, we’ll share it!

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Stay in the Loop

Notifications will also be available to users to help you keep your head in the game. In the more tab along the bottom navigation you’ll be able to toggle on and off the push notifications you’re looking to receive. Challenge start dates, messages and friend requests can all be controlled here. So you don’t have to miss a step anymore!

Customer Support

Also under the more tab is “Contact us”. This is where you can go for any support needs you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always more than happy to help!

Welcome to the new and improved Stridekick app. Explore our new features and, as always, share your feedback with us! Now, get to stepping so you can hit your stride!


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Stridekick is an online and mobile platform that allows individuals to create and join fun fitness challenges regardless of which wearable device they own or level of fitness. Join a community of other health minded individuals in stepping towards your health goals today!
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