Matchup All-Star: Lisa Freeman Challenges Her Friends and Fellow Users

Matchup All-Star: Lisa Freeman Challenges Her Friends and Fellow Users

Nothing excites us quite like when our community members use Matchup to spark positive change among their family and friends.

That’s why we’re psyched to feature Matchup member AbbyNormal (IRL known as Lisa Freeman), who not only clocks upwards of 18,000 steps per day, but also has got her friends moving.

all star user lisa

“I do fitness events for my friends,” the 45-year-old Freeman says. “If we go the movies, we’ll go walking for 2 or 3 miles, and then go to the movie. If we’re going to go to a festival, we’ll walk to the festival from our location, so sometimes that can be 3 or 4 miles … then we’ll walk around the festival and have to walk back. I do that kind of thing trying to encourage my friends to be more active and push myself.”

Freeman’s fitness ripple effect has spread around the Matchup community, too. She hosts challenges — right now, a journey around Washington, D.C. — and participates in several others.

journey around washington dc

She says Journey Challenges are her favorite because they keep things interesting. She’ll also post trivia about the place in which the “journey” is located to help spread the fun.

She added that the platform helps keep her motivated.

“I’m a little bit competitive, so if I know I have a goal I have to reach, if it’s in my power, I try to reach my goal, be it if I have 100 miles to go, 10 miles, 5 miles, 16,000 steps per day — whatever the goal might be,” she says.

During the workday, she tries to keep moving through her job at the “happiest place on earth”.

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Yes, Freeman works at the Epcot Center in Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, so on her lunch breaks she heads to the park’s promenade to hoof it about a mile.

She shared a few other stepping strategies with us:

  • When you feel an energy slump at work, get up and take a short walk
  • Walk to the farthest bathroom in the office every time
  • Walk to and from the gym if you can
  • Run errands on foot
  • Set rules for stepping. “In the wintertime, the rule is if it’s 3 miles or less, I walk it,” she says. “In the summer [the rules is] around 2 miles or less because it’s a little bit hot.” Find the rule that works for you.

In the time she’s tracked steps on her FitBit, Freeman says she’s stopped eating processed food and started cooking at home as much as possible — changes that have lead to more energy and a healthier outlook on life for herself and her friends.

“They do work out when they can, but when they’re with me I always try to push it a little farther,” she says.

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