Make this 1 Simple Change To Your Coffee Routine Now

Make this 1 Simple Change To Your Coffee Routine Now

After almost a decade of prioritizing my career over my health, I decided it was time to get back in shape. I started doing intense cardio, eventually working up to 1800 calorie burn sessions on an elliptical machine 3x per week. I didn’t get the Men’s Health Magazine results I was looking for, but I did find myself in a hospital bed with a heart arrhythmia and a 180bmp resting heart rate. It was a scary night. I didn’t blame the doctors for finding absolutely nothing wrong with me after a 2-night stay. In hindsight, I’m guessing it was mostly a potassium deficiency.

I realized that to lose weight, I would have to better understand my diet. Tracking my workouts in a notebook was nothing new to me, so I decided to track my calories the same way. After a month, I knew every detail of my diet. Eating became a science. Depending on the day, I would target between 1600 and 2000 calories. Because I was also trying to hit 180g of protein per day, I had no room to waste on junk food. Eventually, even the milk and sugar in my coffee had to go. I had to change my coffee routine immediately. I learnt about the optimal coffee to water ratio for the best taste, and learnt to deal without milk and sugar. Out with the foam (hearts), and in with the new.

coffee with heart in foam

Cutting Out The Milk and Sugar

If I hadn’t been tracking my calories with an app, I never would have thought to cut the milk and sugar. It seems so insignificant. But two teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of half and half has 72 calories, which is 26,280 calories a year. An Oreo cookie only has 53 calories, which would you rather have?
Cream and sugar was out, black coffee was in. I heard that Helix Coffee sells the Baratza Encore coffee grinder so I decided to buy a coffee grinder to see if I liked how it tasted.
Many years later and I can say for sure that switching to black coffee has been a permanent change to my diet. The key factor being that I actually enjoy black coffee– more than coffee with milk and sugar. It’s not about being tough, it’s purely about flavor. The key is finding coffee that you like to drink black. For example, after doing some research online, I found an amazing selection of Nespresso capsules that can be enjoyed black. You can view the full list of capsules here if you are a Nespresso drinker. Want to find out more about learning to love black coffee? Here’s how to do it.

Getting Started With a New Coffee Routine

  1. Awesome! Now find a bag of “naturally processed Ethiopian” coffee. Natural processing has nothing to do with being organic or in tune with nature, it’s simply a way of preparing the coffee that retains natural sweetness and fruit flavor. The most common processing technique is “washed”, which generally produces a brighter coffee. To find this coffee locally, check this map to see if you have a good roaster or coffee shop nearby: . If you don’t, you’ll have to order online. La Colombe is a popular roaster that offers a 12oz bag for $18.00. And here’s a smaller roaster that offers an 8oz bag for $10.25.
  2. Prepare a cup of your new amazing coffee AND a cup of your old favorite to try side-by-side, with no milk and sugar. If you skip this step because you think you know how your favorite coffee tastes, you’re seriously missing out. This will prove to you how naturally sweet, creamy, and not bitter a quality coffee can taste. But most importantly, you’ll notice an unmistakable blueberry flavor (unless you get really unlucky). That berry you taste in your cup is naturally occurring, nothing has been added to your coffee. Compare that flavor to the coffee you’ve been drinking all these years. It’s night and day.
  3. Now that you’ve been convinced that better coffee is out there, you’re ready to make the switch to black. If you loved the Ethiopian coffee enough to just quit milk and sugar cold turkey, you’re all set. If not, cut one out first, than the other. In less than a month you’ll be drinking black coffee all the time, saving precious calories, and you’ll never look back!
An easier option for many people would be to invest in multiple coffee machines if you are that addicted to coffee. But if you haven’t got round to this just yet or just don’t know what one to pick, you’ll have two choices. The first is to brew your own coffee. It’s cheap, you can buy a Melitta lid for $3 and be all set. And it’s easy, it’s about as much work as making oatmeal. The second choice is to find a good coffee shop that can prepare a cup of naturally processed ethiopian coffee. That Kafster map above is a great way to find great coffee shops, give it a try!

coffee beans

A word of warning: once you discover great coffee, finding more good coffee can become addictive. Much like wine (but cheaper to drink). Each growing region has its own unique fingerprint of flavors and you can learn to tell them all apart. If you find this happening to you, check out the Angels’ Cup coffee subscription. It lets you blindly sample 4 coffees at a time, and compare tasting notes with a huge community of coffee drinkers via their app.

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Take your coffee by the reigns today, National Coffee Day. Make this one simple change to your coffee routine and eliminate those excess calories from your diet. You’ll be one step closer to a healthier lifestyle.

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