Life Hacks: How to Squeeze in 30 Minutes of Exercise Every Day

Life Hacks: How to Squeeze in 30 Minutes of Exercise Every Day

Ladies, did you know that 30 minutes of exercise on most days may reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 20%? Sounds easy, but we know how it goes… Life gets crazy and there are never enough hours in the day. We’ve got you covered with our top five tips to seamlessly squeeze in those 30 minutes of exercise.

Easy Ways to Fit in Those 30 Minutes of Exercise Every Day

1. Get Active During TV Time

Fitting in exercise doesn’t mean you have to give up yourfavorite TV shows. Next time you sit down to watch television, try doing sit-ups orplanks during commercials. Start with three sets of 30-second planks or three sets of 30sit-ups and build your way up from there. Before you know it, your show will be back
and you will have earned your popcorn! 

2. Switch up your Office Equipment

Ever thought of exchanging your swivel chair for a stability ball? Sitting on a stability ball will strengthen your core and lower back muscles.Plus, it may be fun to bounce around the office on breaks. 

3. Plan an Active Meet-up with Friends, or Take your Meeting on the Move

walking meeting man woman business

Dinner and a movie is always a great option but, for those days when you’re tired of doing “the usual” with your girlfriends, make an effort to get outdoors or try a new workout class. At work, suggest a walking meeting with your colleagues and jot down important notes in your

4. Ditch the Elevator

Work your legs, glutes and lungs by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Stairs will get your heart pumping and increase blood flow to the brain, making you even more brilliant (and productive!) during the day. 

5. Walk the Walk

Whenever possible, walk it out. Whether you’re strolling to the store,dinner or even taking a ten-minute fresh air break, walking is a simple way to boost your mood, reduce your waistline and decrease your risk for life-threatening diseases. 
BONUS: Here’s one risk-reduction strategy doesn’t involve breaking a sweat. Bright Pink’s AssessYourRisk.Org will help you assess your personal risk for breast and ovarian cancer and also offer actionable tips to help reduce your risk. Take five and complete it today!
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