Know Your Accountability Style to Stick with Fitness

Know Your Accountability Style to Stick with Fitness

Just as one type of gym shoe doesn’t fit every foot, we’re not all the same when it comes to accountability.

Some of us thrive off of external pressure. Some like to do things in groups while others much prefer to be alone. For some, a rigid schedule makes the most sense while still others want a more seat-of-the-pants exercise regime.

Knowing which of these conditions best fits you can help you make — and stick with — your fitness goals.

You may learn that you won’t exercise unless you do it first thing in the morning. Or that signing up for a group fitness class you can’t cancel without a fee is the only way to ensure you make it. Or that meeting a friend for a jog helps the miles go by faster. Or that meeting up with a friend frustrates you, and you’d rather run alone.

Whether you’re a group fitness fanatic or a lone wolf who cherishes the solo time, these ideas can help you stay on track:

Share your goals on social.

You’ll not only connect with like-minded friends, but also you’ll be more motivated to follow through.

Sign up for a big goal.

This one is not recommended for brand-new exercisers. But if you’ve been at it for awhile and are struggling to stay motivated, tackling a big, slightly scary challenge may be the jumpstart you need.

Find a time and place that work for you.

Early-morning exercisers get all the time, but if it’s just never going to be your thing, that’s OK. Do whatever will work best for you.

Place a friendly wager.

Whether the winner gets bragging rights or cold, hard cash, a little competition can help boost exercise adherence.

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Let others track your workouts.

Stridekick comes with a challenge leaderboard, which can be quite motivating. This blogger beat her half marathon PR because she knew her new boyfriend was receiving text alerts of her progress. Ultra-motivating!

Plan, plan, plan.

The more you know about your habits and tendencies, the better you’ll be able to plan for them — as well as your crazy schedule.

Pick a healthy reward.

As long as the reward you choose supplements your fitness goals, rather than detracts from them, there’s nothing wrong with a little treat-based motivation.

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