Is Competition The Best Form Of Motivation?

Is Competition The Best Form Of Motivation?

Here at Matchup one of the main reasons our users love our service is because the competition aspect allows them to achieve fitness goals they would have never thought possible.

We get feedback almost every day from people thanking us for providing an outlet to let their competitive nature shine while also improving overall fitness of themselves and their peers. Competition by way of Matchup is meant to be a tool for people to utilize when developing good fitness habits. The competition is fun and rewarding, but what is most important is developing a more sustainable fitness routine to provide for a better self. Is competition the best form of motivation for everyone? What about competition allows people to go above that they normally thought was not possible in terms of their fitness?



It is a very common old truth that competition creates motivation and fear. Those two emotional states are very powerful when it comes to achieving things in life and they can be both positive and negative but the positives definitely outweigh the latter. On the motivation side, you feel motivated to do your best and achieve your goals because when you do you have a great sense of accomplishment and melancholy. Also, motivation stems from the fear of failure. When put into a competition with other people you have a slight fear of not doing well. For some people this fear is more pronounced but it is always there. The fear is not negative, in fact great men have said that fear is what allows you to accomplish success on a much greater level. When taking part in a competition of any kind whether it be in the workplace or with yourself, you embrace these emotions of motivation and fear almost without even realizing it. Think back to some of your most successful times and think about what allowed you to achieve that success. And I would venture to guess that motivation and fear both played a role in some way.

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At Matchup we utilize both public and private competition, when in a public competition the user is likely to be less effected by the fear aspect and more affected by the motivation aspect because you see your goal and you see other people reaching their goal and you want to be one of them. On the private competition side, fear plays much more of a role.

We have an office competition here at Matchup and the fear of letting one of your co-workers beat you allows you to go way beyond what you thought possible to achieve your goals; most of the time we even double or triple our goals because we don’t want to lose in front of people we actually know. This fear once again is not negative in any way in fact it is extremely positive and healthy to experience. It is what allows us to be successful on a day to day basis whether it be through fitness or our lives in general.

I would make the argument that competition is the best form of motivation for the reasons stated above. We experience many competitions throughout our day to day life and once you start to embrace these situations you will have a better understanding of what is needed to achieve regular and frequent success.

Don’t be discouraged by the motivation to not fail, embrace it. And always remember, competition is to be used as a tool to create good habits and find success. But competition is not the end goal, it is just a means of growing and learning as an individual.

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