Introducing The New & Improved Challenge Stats Page

Introducing The New & Improved Challenge Stats Page

This week we’re excited to share our latest update with you, the new and improved challenge stats pages.

What does this mean for you? Revamped challenge pages filled with everything you need all in one place! Each challenge type has new updates, an increased number of stats displayed and easier navigation made for a better challenge experience. Excited to see what’s new? The following guide will show what’s new and how to easily navigate the new challenge details page.

Challenge Messages

Each challenge stats page will now be equip with challenge messages on the right hand side. Post an update, check in on challenge mates,  participate in fun smack talk or share words of encouragement. There’ll be no more missing out on the challenge message board. With it conveniently located with all of your other challenge stats it’ll be easier to catch every message and stay engaged in every challenge.

challenge message board challenge details

Challenge Stats

All of your challenges will remain in your dashboard. Instead of viewing multiple tabs at the bottom of each challenge, you’ll now only see “challenge stats”– the new home to every challenge detail.

journey mode challenge stats

Journey Challenge

Each challenge mode has updates and new stats to be viewed! What’s new with journey mode? Whenever you enter your journey challenge stats the first thing that you’ll see is your progress throughout your journey. What number day of the journey you’re on, your day’s steps and that day’s total distance will give you a quick overview on your progress throughout the challenge.

journey mode progress report

Another new stat shared is the challenge’s step leaders. Ranked from first to last, you can view your rank compared to your challenge mates. This might even bring out your competitive side in a journey challenge. How many steps do you need to surpass the person ahead of you?

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Journey mode challenge step leaders

Leaderboard Challenge

Viewing your progress in a leaderboard challenge will look a little different. This segment makes it simple to see where you’re at in the challenge. It’ll show your rank, total steps in the challenge along with overall average challenge steps.

my progress leaderboard challenge mode

The scoreboard makes it super simple to see where you’re at in the challenge compared to the challenge players around you . The left hand side displays what place you are in followed by the total number of steps you’ve taken in the challenge. To the far right you’ll see the “Diff”, this is the difference of steps between you and the player right ahead or behind you. The double dashed lines show where you stand. This’ll give you the chance to step it up when necessary. Is someone stepping up quickly behind you or would you like to outstep the place ahead of you? This scoreboard will make it easier to step up your leaderboard challenge game.

leaderboard challenge scoreboard

Streak Challenge

With the update in streak challenge stats, you’ll be able to view your streak progress easier than before. Completed your step goal for the day? The bubble for that day will be filled green with a check mark. Congrats! But what happens if you don’t reach your step goal for the day? The bubble for that day will fill up with the percent of how many steps you took compared to your goal. In the example below, the user only reached 41 percent of their daily step goal of 9,500. Strive for streak victory with check marks in each bubble!

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Streak challenge my progress goals



Head-To-Head Challenge

The new view of your day’s head-to-head matchup is complete with your opponent, their win-loss record for the duration of the challenge and their total steps that day. Make sure to check this everyday so you can see if you need to step up your game or not.

Head to head challenge today's matchup

These new pages are sure to boost your challenge experience. Now, we’ve showed you some of what’s new but there’s so much more to see. You must take a look for yourself. What are you waiting for?! Log into your account and check it out! We’re always looking for your feedback. So don’t be shy, share in the comments below!

What do you think of the new challenge stats pages?

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