MoveSpring: Our Newest Product Offering

Love Stridekick challenges, but want a more customized experience with personalized modules, content and programming for your company?

We listened to your feedback and we acted. We’re proud to announce MoveSpring!

MoveSpring is a premium platform created to solve the growing programming needs of our larger clients that run annual wellness programs and want something they could tailor to their staff of 500 or more. New capabilities, such as custom content, rewards and live pages truly make the experience personalized. We work with our clients to help them achieve great company culture, reduce healthcare costs, and improve business performance.

Like Stridekick, MoveSpring is a mobile-first, fun and easy-to-use fitness and wellness platform. Admins will enjoy some of the new and exciting features of the admin center to communicate with specific users and to help keep them inspired. MoveSpring supports all the major fitness devices including Apple Watch, Android, Fitbit, Garmin, and Nokia.


Simple, easy-to-use holistic engagement platform

The admin center is a onestopshop where you can pick and choose modules that fit your wellness program. Create new groups and challenges, as well as view data, trends and highlights across your groups. Send communication to specific individuals or groups, and download reports to see group progress and engagement.

Flexible wellness platform

We understand that not every organization is the same. Our platform supports many goals, whether that be fostering strong competition or building supportive internal communities. As an administrator, promote content or post quizzes and inspirational quotes. How about that annual company initiative to raise money for charity based on steps? MoveSpring was built from the ground up to easily handle each of these scenarios.

Best-in-Industry support

We pride ourselves on prioritizing client and user support. Our in-house team is responsive and well-versed in program best practices. We work with our clients to develop and deploy effective programs to meet each organizations culture, engagement and health goals. 

Versatile Onboarding

Users can onboard via their mobile device or on the web. Our onboarding system allows admins to collect additional user information, such as activity levels, departments and fitness objectives. MoveSpring also supports eligibility verification to ensure only authorized users can join your programs.

Revamped User Experience

Users will love the revamped user experience, which features group chats, challenges, content and an easy onboarding process. Our popular team challenges get a new look with a quick team-joining process and more detailed insight into each team’s activity, amping up the inter-office competition. Admins will love the ease of running programs and powerful features like scheduling and posting content, reporting, and creating a tailored onboarding flow.


If you’re ready to get started or learn more about MoveSpring for your organization,
schedule a demo and one of our program specialists will be in touch shortly.


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