Introducing Matchup Premium Options

Introducing Matchup Premium Options

This week we announced our newest feature: Matchup Insights! With Insights you have the power to store your fitness data history and discover more about yourself with enhanced displays. Check out how insights works and what it includes here.

Insights for all users includes:

  • Store and Analyze your Fitness Tracker Data
  • Compare Yourself to Yourself
  • View Your Top Activity
  • Edit Your Historical Data

Get the most out of Insights with Matchup’s new premium account upgrades!

Upgrade Your Matchup Experience to the Next Level

Want to record your fitness story by storing more of your fitness data? Want to host larger and longer challenges? Well, now you can with Matchup Plus and Matchup Awesome!

Matchup Forever Free

Of course, Matchup is still free for all users. There will never be a charge to join Matchup or create and participate in challenge.  Matchup Forever Free includes all of Matchup’s basic features.

  • View and store fitness data limited to up to 30 days
  •  Creating challenges with up to 10 players lasting a maximum of 30 days

Price: Forever Free

upgrade-alertMatchup Plus

Take your fitness tracking to the next level with Matchup Plus. Challenge more people and take a deeper look into your data!

  • View and fitness store data for up to 180 days
  • Create challenges with up to 30 participants for up to 60 days.

Price: $7 / Month

(Less than what you pay for Netflix!)

Matchup Awesome

Make your health Awesome! Gain the most insight from your fitness tracker data, understand areas for improvement and reach your health goals quicker. This ultimate Matchup plan includes upgraded features with maximized capabilities such as:

  • View and store unlimited fitness tracker data.
  • Don’t leave anyone on the sidelines! With Matchup Awesome you can create even larger challenges with up to 50 participants for up to 90 days.

Price: $12 / Month

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