How to Stay Healthy While Working in an Office

How to Stay Healthy While Working in an Office

We’ve heard it time and time again: Sitting is the new smoking. It’s our sedentary lives that are to blame for the “obesity crisis.” Etc., etc. But for many of us, working in an office and sitting at a desk all day is the only choice we have. That’s why it’s smart to strategize little work-day tricks you can try for your healthiest work environment ever.

Our Top Tips– How We Stay Healthy While Working in an Office

Here’s our top secret tips to staying healthy while working in an office, that we do every single day!

Make an Accountability Buddy

Chances are, most of your coworkers hate feelings stuck behind a desk all day too. Grab your office BFF and commit to taking a 15-minute break to walk every single day, even in the winter. You’ll feel refreshed without hitting the coffeemaker, and it will strengthen your bond with coworkers — one of the top predictors of a happy work environment. Feel like you have no time? Just try it: We can almost guarantee that a 15-minute walk will make you productive in the long run.

As much as we’d like to take these walks every single day, that doesn’t always happen. We shoot for 3pm walks, when we tend to get fidgety, and when we get back into the office we’re refreshed and ready to work!

Strategize Office Treats

cutting cupcakes and birthday cake stay healthy while working

In many offices, donuts, bagels, birthday cupcakes and “leftover” cookies from home abound. And in open-air spaces especially, it’s impossible to avoid the piles of baked goods day after day. Confession: we fell victim to a coworker’s aunt’s macaroons after holiday break– A whole plate was gone in seconds. When it’s right in front of you, it’s definitely hard to say no. But with proper planning you can avoid unhealthy snacking.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the creators of Whole30, suggest a mindset like the one you have with smoking. To paraphrase: You don’t smoke, so why take a cigarette when someone offers it? You don’t eat junk food, so why take it when someone offers it?

This outlook is extreme, but it does encourage you to think before you bite. Friday-morning bagels that aren’t very good? Pass. A birthday cupcake from your absolute favorite bakery in town? Sure, indulge. Just pause and think, “Is this something I really want?”

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Pack Your Lunch

You’ll save serious cash and calories. A simple sandwich will do it, or store salad dressing at work for salads on the go. Saving time in line at the cafe around the corner every day at noon also means you’ll have more time for that 15-minute walk. (See blogger’s tips on this here.)

We’ve grown accustom to “treat yourself Fridays.” We try to bring a nice home cooked meal for lunch Monday through Thursday and all head out for a delicious treat for Friday lunch!

Squeeze in Movement

We can’t all have standing desks. (But if you can access one, try it out for a few hours a day.) For those of us without a standing option, remember to stretch your legs at least every hour. Some suggestions: Take the long way to the restroom; get up to refill your water bottle; propose a walking brainstorming session; create a bathroom workout rule. The options go on.

We have a couple of standing desks we use daily and sometimes take mini breaks to shoot some basketball in our mini hoop!

Sanitize Everything

Open-air office environments leave you more likely to catch whatever is going around. With this in mind, wash your hands constantly, and de-sanitize your desk once a week at the minimum. (If you eat at your desk, some experts recommend Lysol wipes after every meal — probably a good idea if we’re being honest.) These strategies can help keep the common cold at bay, making healthy choices that much easier.

Drink Plenty of Water

woman drinking tea on laptop staying healthy while working in an office

Take advantage of all the time you spend sitting in place, and load up on water. (We find sipping through a straw at work helps us remember to drink enough.) If you’re freezing cold under the office AC, try decaffeinated herbal tea for hydration.

Compete in Office Step Challenges

Bringing out your competitive side is sure to get you moving throughout the day. Whether it’s a leaderboard or head-to-head challenge, you’ll be sure to take the longer way to work and head to the gym afterwards. Nothing makes staying healthy while working in an office more fun than a little friendly competition!

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What are your secret tips to staying healthy while working in an office?

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