How To Become an MVP

How To Become an MVP

Who are Matchup MVPs?

Matchup MVPs are the most engaged and influential users in the Matchup community. We care less about a user’s step count and fitness prowess. Instead, the qualities that we think make a great Matchup MVP comprise a user’s interest and contribution to helping grow healthy and active communities.

What does an MVP do?

As a member of the MVP community, you play a significant role in hosting community challenges, mobilizing conversations and activities on our community discussion board, and helping us beta test new products and features while influencing the Matchup product roadmap. We’re looking to you to help us create a meaningful community that is motivated, challenged and having a ton of fun!

Do you play a role in any of the following?

  • Create challenges on Matchup for friends/family, coworkers, or fitness groups
  • Talk about or invite people to join you on Matchup
  • Lead/facilitate or participate in any community groups in other spaces or channels (i.e. Facebook groups, Fitbit community, intramural sports teams, mommy bloggers, etc.)
  • Write on/offline about topics of interest to you
  • Monitor or contribute to any community message boards
  • Coordinate or participate in volunteer community/cause-related projects

Whether you’ve played any of those roles or not, if you’re excited about Matchup and want to contribute to our community, we’d love to have you join us!

How do I become an MVP?

Tell us why you’d like to be an MVP by emailing Grace at

What happens when I’m an MVP?

  • Read the MVP guidelines.
  • Host community challenges for those in your step range.
  • Invite friends and other members to your community challenges by sharing on your socials or via email.
  • Help promote and share other MVP-hosted community challenges.
  • Share your ideas, questions, and feedback on the community discussion board.
  • Join us for future Google+ Hangouts to talk product and features.
  • Stay connected with our team and let us know how we can help support you. 🙂


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