How Our Community Stays Creative: Puzzle Challenges!

How Our Community Stays Creative: Puzzle Challenges!

Welcome our first guest writer, Susan L. Susan’s a Matchup MVP, hosting challenges on Matchup for her fitness community. We were thrilled to hear how she’s been engaging her fitness group by using Matchup and the super creative method she’s created to encourage collective participation.

I started a Facebook group called ‘Fitbit Woman Warriors’ for women over 50 using a Fitbit.

It all began when I got a Fitbit as a gift almost a year ago and immediately saw that this was a great motivator for me to walk and keep active. The only thing missing was the lack of support by other Fitbit members because there was no real way to connect.  If you read through the message boards on the Fitbit groups, you can see that there are many women struggling to get more activity in their day, looking for solutions and support. Message boards aren’t really a great way to have social interactions, but Facebook groups are perfect.

I really wanted the Facebook group to be a group of ladies about the same age moving in one direction together, and that direction was to get healthy by increasing our activity. Not by just talking about it, but actually doing it. Our little group has grown and become a mini-community, with women who have become friends and motivators for each other.

Matchup was the perfect fit for us!

We needed a way to work together as a group and be accountable at the same time.  Matchup allows us to hold any type of “community challenge” easily and everyone can see in real-time the progress that we’re each making. Currently, the challenges have been held on Sundays due to the weather, but soon we will be doing much longer ones as we head into summer.

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Our challenges are different each week and are made so that everyone has to make their goal. Last week, our challenge was to build a puzzle. Everyone is invited to sign up via the Matchup site by a link that I post. As each person hits the pre-determined goal, they get their little puzzle piece added to the board that is posted on Facebook.  Slowly over the course of the day, we build a puzzle together. We all celebrate and make a big deal for anyone that hits 20,000 steps and over. So as you can see, you work hard to make your goal because you would not want to be the missing piece of the puzzle.


We all really enjoy watching each other’s progress on the Matchup site and there is a lot of cheering going on and pushing each other to reach our goals and beyond. When it first started to get cold, I posted the song “Baby it’s cold outside.”  I thought it was a great song and idea for a challenge, so we worked together as a group to raise the temperature on a thermometer. The challenge was called “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”


My personal incentive in starting the group was to find other women that were just like me. Women that needed a support group that would make it much easier to stay healthy and active. With all the reading that I have done on the subject, I am convinced that staying active is key to staying healthy. If there is one thing that you can do to improve your health, it would be to keep moving!

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Being challenged and supported on a daily basis is going to make an impact on the health of this group, so that’s pretty exciting! I also found a few fantastic ladies to help moderate the site, which has enabled us to keep moving forward and growing in numbers.

So thank you, Matchup, for making it possible to take our activity to a new level!

Here are some things the ladies had to say about our challenges:

“I have had a hard time motivating myself, and the Sunday challenges make working out FUN.”

“This group has held me accountable for more than one challenge!!! The challenges have triggered my competitive side and made me get my rear in gear!!”

“I would have to say that, especially during these long winter months, having our competitions has forced me off the couch. Especially in challenges where we are partnered up, or where our little piece of the puzzle helps to reveal something to the group – I don’t want to let anyone down, so I’m more motivated to be active.”

“And look at all of the fun that we’re having walking in the Caymans on the Matchup site! I can take a minute from my mundane life and pretend that I’m actually there, raising a glass with all of you, after a long day of walking those sandy beaches. I have even googled some of the spots that we’re ‘walking’ through to see what it’s really like. Fun, fitness, and educational!”

“When I participate in one of our group challenges, I feel like I’m walking with a huge group of wonderful people who are cheering me on.”

“The challenges are my driving force to get my steps in. I seldom do 10,000 steps during the week but push myself on our challenge Sundays.”

“The “Touring” challenges, through Matchup, are always a hit, helping to keep us moving forward as a group throughout the week.”

 ”I do both Fitbit and Matchup challenges. I love the Matchup challenges the most because those challenges are with wonderful women that support, not just compete.”

“Sundays are no longer my “lazy days”, thanks to the Matchup site and all the fun challenges!”


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