How Far is 10,000 Steps? How Many Steps Make a Mile?

How Far is 10,000 Steps? How Many Steps Make a Mile?

Ever wondered how many steps it took famously short Napoleon Bonaparte to walk a mile? Or actor Peter Dinklage, also known as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones? What about the time it would take them to complete a full marathon? Compared to the tallest woman alive, Sun Fang who is 7’3″. What’s the difference?

With Stridekick’s Steps to Distance Calculator you can simply convert the steps you take and turn them into the distance covered in miles and kilometers.

How the Steps to Distance Calculator Works

Simply input your height and pace and watch your distance & time taken to complete that distance calculate in real time.


We’ve used the calculation provided by the American College of Sport Medicine to accurately calculate how many steps it will take.

Why it’s Different for Everyone

The taller you are the longer stride length you have. The longer average stride length you have, the farther you can travel with less steps. While quite the opposite happens for shorter individuals. The shorter the stride length the more steps you’ll need to take to complete a distance. This is why shorter individuals rack up higher step counts in a miles distance compared to taller individuals.

The pace at which you are moving also affects your distance. The faster you’re moving the longer your stride tends to be, which equates to fewer steps per mile.

Why it Matters

Calculating distance for different individuals can cause confusion. We noticed that when our users were competing in our journey challenges they were often confused and frustrated that their opponents had fewer steps but seemed to be farther along in the journey. We wanted to create a tool that would help to eliminate the confusion when it comes to steps and distance.

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Understanding your activity levels is important to getting a better picture around your overall health. Whether you’re looking to compete in your first 5k or move more in your everyday life this tool can help you to understand what it will take to get to where you want to be!

Who Walked the Walk and How Long Did it Take?


*The CDC suggests the average person briskly walks 20 min per mile.

How much ground do you cover with 10,000 steps? How many steps and how long would it take you to complete a marathon?

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