Hot Weather Healthy Nutrition Hacks – Just in Time for Summer

Hot Weather Healthy Nutrition Hacks – Just in Time for Summer

It’s not summer just yet, but the heat is quickly approaching. And with summers getting hotter year after year, it’s important that we’re prepped and ready because there is no chance we’re missing out on any fun outside adventures just because of the temp!  So, here are a few healthy nutrition hacks that are easy, tasty, and do wonders in making your summers healthier and happier!

Tasty & Healthy Nutrition Hacks for Warm Weather

Fruit Cubes

Summer is one season where you get delicious, colorful fruits. Place a couple of pieces of your favorite fruit in and ice tray and freeze them. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and watermelons taste wonderful, just to name a few. On hot afternoon, these would be the perfect addition to a glass of water or even your glass of champagne!

Ice, Ice Baby

All you coffee lovers out there, you will definitely love this one! There’s not much worse than drinking watered down ice coffee because your cubes can’t stand the heat. Quick hack: pour black coffee into ice trays and freeze it so when you want some iced coffee, but the heat is too much, throw in some coffee cubes and voila- iced coffee minus the watered down taste. Perfect for you quick mornings on-the-go.

Fruit Popsicles

fruit popsicles healthy nutrition hacks for summer

Don’t we all crave for popsicles on a hot summer day? Get a Popsicle tray, toss in some slices of fruit, some lemonade, a stick and throw it in the freezer for delicious snacks for the whole family.

Chill It Faster

If you are in a rush and want to cool a bottle of water, or wine or even beer for that matter, here is an easy trick. Wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and put it in the fridge. Within minutes you will have an ice-cold drink!

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vegetable jar healthy nutrition hack

Grab a mason jar, some of your favorite veggies and a splash of dressing for the perfect on-the-go snack for all the busy bees out there. Whether you’re at the office or running errands in your car this snack will tide you over until your next meal.

Fruity Yogurt

Here’s a low-calorie, high-fiber sweet treat for you! Greek yogurt is good for health and is low on calories. Take a cupcake pan and fill it with some greek yogurt and a few berries to freeze. Keep it in your freezer for a healthy summer snack when the days are scorching.

These hacks are sure to make your summer a little more tasty, refreshing and cool. Have fun, chill out and stay healthy!

Tell us: What healthy nutrition hacks do you use in warm weather? 

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