Hiking: Much More Than Just a Walk to Remember

Hiking: Much More Than Just a Walk to Remember

Are you an adventurer who wants to explore the world one step at a time? Hiking is a great way in which you can discover these new places.

Hiking is the most efficient, reasonable and enjoyable way of satiating that wanderlust, in the most convenient way possible, while boosting your physical fitness.

group of individuals hiking down a trail

Much more than just a walk

It most certainly is walking on your feet, carrying a backpack of essentials, wearing the most comfortable shoes and setting out to explore new places, which can be as close as the neighboring recreational park, and as far as the mountain ranges at the end of the countryside. It just depends on your whim and fancy! Whatever the case, it is important whenever you go hiking that you have the right equipment with you. Many people seem to go for things like bug out bags for survival when going hiking instead of bags that are meant to last a long time.

Benefits of Hiking

Physical fitness

You walk and you burn those calories that you have been wanting to get rid of ever since what seems like the beginning of time! How good is it when you can buy two goodies with a single penny? Enhance your physical fitness and explore the world on your own two feet.

An array of associated activities

You set up your mind to hike, and you get to enjoy a big set of other adventurous activities, such as rock climbing, mountaineering and paragliding. All these involve a great Zero Expedition experience as a vital requisite. It’s the best of many worlds.

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Know yourself

While hiking gives you the opportunity to explore the world, it also gives you a chance to get to know yourself better. The challenges you face during different hikes and how you respond to those challenges help you to understand how you tick and gives you the courage to attack problems head on.

Stress buster

It is a perfect way of evading the everyday monotony that clouds our lives, thanks to work-load, family pressures, or even relationship issues. It gives you a chance to breathe free, clears your head and distracts you positively from all other cobwebs that life ensnares you in.

Bonding with your pals

A journey across the country with your buddies— is surely going to be one hell of an adventure! What can be more fun than getting to explore the world and laugh with your friends at the same time?

Let’s go hiking!

While the definition of hiking is as easy as breathing, there are a set of things one needs to understand before stepping out of their houses to conquer the world.

Apart from the determination, strength and will, along with a backpack full of necessary items, from clothes to toilet paper to an emergency stove, here are few things that are a must before you set out to hike:

Maps: You don’t want to be one of those movie characters who gets lost and is chased by deadly mountain lions, right? Make sure you have the maps and a compass to guide you well.

Rain gear: Nature is beautiful, but beauty at times can trick you. So when you are hiking up in the mountains, don’t forget the raingear to save you from the freezing elements.

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First aid: It’s a must have not just for hiking trips, but any trip. You never know what obstacles await you.

Protection from bugs: Make sure to carry a spray to save you from the insects in the forests; you don’t want your adventurous body to turn into a bruised frame.

While the list of equipment vary depending on the distance you want to cover, the type of hiking you are going for (backpacking, trekking), and the season you are hiking in, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and have the basic requisites handy to make the best of this amazing adventurous activity. If you’re interested in gathering more information on how to get started with hiking, consider checking out Mountain Guide Gaby Pilson from The Adventure Lab has published a great article here discussing the key things beginner hikers should consider before hitting the trails

Stay tuned as we explore the journey called hiking over the next few weeks.

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