Highlights From Our First Team Race

Highlights From Our First Team Race

We did it, everyone. We survived our first team race!


While we feel pretty darn elated for successfully completing the Shamrock Shuffle 8k, we can’t help but look back on the experience and share some highs and lows from the event.

Memorable Highlights

  • Without a doubt, gathering over 20,000 people in one amazing location for a goal-oriented event will bring out the best in people. The energy shared with other runners, walkers and spectating supporters can’t be beat. The race was electrifying!
  • Diversity is a beautiful thing. Seeing people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and physical abilities is super inspiring. It was a great reminder on how important it is to stay physically active. No excuses, friends.
  • Whether we trained for the race or not, we all achieved specific goals we had set for ourselves (i.e. not stopping to walk, hitting a new record time, and not getting injured).
  • The endorphins! The endorphins! Being physically active undoubtedly makes you feel great, but you can’t argue the surge of adrenaline you get when running with thousands of other people at the same time.
  • One team member pointed out a sticker on a runner, which stated: “I am running to eat!” We couldn’t agree more and believe these four words sum up an aspect of our team culture: We love to eat. That said, we fueled up post-race with a delicious brunch. And yes, there was plenty of bacon involved.

A Few Minor Lows

  • With near-freezing temps and notoriously chilly Chicago winds, the least thrilling element of the race was inarguably the cold weather. Though it was forecast to rain all day, we were lucky enough to stay dry until after the race ended. Unfortunately, it hailed on us on our way to the restaurant.
  • A note to the DJs selecting the playlist at the starting line: lame rock music and melancholic indie songs are awful choices for getting runners amped and #turnup pre-race.
  • The crazy mini-tornado at Franklin Street nearly blew us all away…and slowed down our running pace.
  • That last leg of the race uphill. To the supporters cheering us on in the last mile, thank you! You definitely kept our spirits high.
  • Oh yeah, did we say how freezing cold it was?!
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Now that we’ve got one race under our belt, the team’s looking forward to signing up for more races to run this spring and summer. Stay tuned as we strive to hit new milestones and keep each other accountable to our fitness goals.



 Team Matchup post-race

Tell us, what races are you looking forward to running or walking in? Stay connected with others in the Matchup community on our Discussion Board and share if you’re looking to start a walking or running group in your region.
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