High-Fashion Favorites Launch Wearable Tech Lines

High-Fashion Favorites Launch Wearable Tech Lines

As wearable technology demonstrates its staying power with consumers, more companies want to get in on the game.

Most recently, several top labels announced connected products for fashion-minded shoppers. All have been released under a licensing deal between the designers and Fossil, which aims to launch 100 connected fashion accessories by the end of 2016, Wareable.com reports.

Here’s a look at the collection details known to date.

High-Fashion Trackers You’ll Love

Kate Spade is set to come out with a collection featuring two fitness trackers and possibly two smartwatches, Wareable.com reports ahead of the collection’s September launch.

There’s a silicon tracker (complete with cute cat face) and a chic bangle, both rumored to cost $125 each (not bad for the brand). The smartwatches will cost more like $250, with the adorable champagne and “cheers” design shown in the photo.

kate spade high fashion favorites fitness trackers

Wearable continues:

“Features across the line of devices include fitness tracking, smartphone notifications, remote selfie controls and music controls – we just don’t know which wearables are capable of which yet. It’s likely that the wearables, which are both iPhone and Android compatible, will get a Kate Spade branded companion app that’s based on the Fossil Q app.

On the menswear side of things, Michael Kors has launched the Michael Kors Access collection, timepieces that are “fashion’s last word in wearable tech,” according to the company’s website. (Options for women abound, too.)


There are both wrist trackers and smartwatches.

The wrist tracker boasts no charging necessary for four months — hurdling a huge stumbling block for some brands — as well as a reasonable $95 price point. It tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep, and syncs with Androids and iPhones for features such as music sync.

michael kors bads high fashion favorites bands

With the smartwatch, you can swap dials and straps as often as you change moods, the company says. (There are many looks, colors and designs available.) The device features activity tracking, smartphone notifications, plus it’s voice-command enabled. Unlike the tracker, the smartwatch has just a one-to-two-day battery life.

michael kors watch

Next up: Fossil-powered collections from Diesel, Armani and more.

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