Fun Step Challenges Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Fun Step Challenges Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Fun step challenges are one way companies can keep remote employees engaged with one another — just ask one of our New York-based clients.

The idea began when a few employees started chatting with one another about holiday overindulging. That, plus the team’s upcoming switch to a schedule that would put different people in the office on different days, motivated administrator Suzanne Jean to look into group challenges.

Pretty soon, the small idea “turned into a team addiction!” one participant gushed in a survey after the fact.

First, they tried a collective Journey Challenge, during which the 18-person team trekked from New York to San Francisco with each individual’s steps contributing to the team score. Along the way, Suzanne wrote blogs informing the team of how far they’d gone — with information about their “destinations” along the way.

“We were really conscious of the fact we wanted it to be a collective journey for us; we wanted to make sure it was something we were moving collectively through together,” Suzanne told Matchup.

After hitting the “City By the Bay” in 35 days, the team moved on to a second step challenge — a hike from Tasmania around the east coast of Australia. “People enjoyed the scenery, the cool images along the way,” she said.

Next, they tried a third challenge that featured employees competing against each other. This fostered friendly competition in the office and also encouraged teams to bond outside of work.

“It kept us more engaged … it was something people were talking about at work,” Suzanne said. “People were definitely using the topic to help connect with one another.”

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A participant wrote in a survey after the fact, “It helped our team to get engaged with each other in the flex work environment, when we did not see each other every day. We kept connected and had fun even with a little bit of a friendly competition.”

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Some employees doubled their steps — clocking 20 or 25,000 per day, Suzanne said. The fun of the challenge “tricked us in to better habits,” she added.

“It has really changed how active I am on a daily basis,” one employee wrote. “It helps me to remember to make time for myself to work out and works really well with our new flex arrangement.”

This summer, they’ll be thinking of new activities to do together to stay active outside of the office — picnics, trips to the High Line elevated park and more.

“I’m exercising without even knowing it!” one participant wrote.

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