Foolproof Tricks to Get You to a Morning Workout

Foolproof Tricks to Get You to a Morning Workout

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression — any of these sound like you when your alarm goes off?

Some people are made to bounce out of bed in the morning, and some aren’t. But even if you’re a night owl, you can benefit from exercising in the morning.

“It’s a tough habit to get into,” Jordan Metzl, M.D., a sports medicine physician at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery and crazy-successful endurance athlete, told But, “I’m a huge believer in morning workouts because it starts your metabolic furnace and ensures you’ll actually get that workout in,” he added.

These tips will help you get to stage 5 of your morning routine: acceptance. After acceptance comes your new morning fitness routine.

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Guarantee Your Morning Workout

Find your why.

One key to healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes is zeroing in on why you’re eating well, exercising, sleeping or reducing stress — whatever your goal might be. (See more: The No. 1 Thing You Must Do to Achieve Your Goals)

If you remember — every day — that living a long, active life is important to you, and morning is the only time in your busy schedule where movement is going to happen, then you’ll be much more likely to get out of bed, at least a couple of mornings a week.

Sleep on it.

Some snoozers will don (clean!) workout clothes instead of PJs. When the alarm buzzes, getting dressed is one less thing to think about — and one more excuse, busted.

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Create a wake-up system.

Brett Hoebel, founder of Hoebel Fitness and trainer on NBC’s “Biggest Loser” season 11, told Birchbox he recommends grabbing a mint as soon as your alarm goes off. The minty flavor will wake up your brain, helping you get up and moving.

Prioritize it. This goes back to your “why.” Think of exercise as a non-negotiable. Andia Winslow, professional athlete and sports performance coach, told Levo League this advice:

“The key is commitment to bettering one’s body and mind. Pretend that your morning exercise is an appointment with an important client or your boss — you cannot miss it. Write it in your calendar as such and highlight it in red. When people change their frame of reference regarding self-care, remarkable things happen. Make non-negotiable time for you!”

Remember it’s self-care.

Exercise is your “me” time. Whether it’s a walk while listening to your favorite podcast, a group fitness class with a girlfriend or a restorative trek on your local trail, if you start to look forward to your a.m. sweat sessions as your own personal time to yourself, you might start to enjoy them more.


There’s no sense in getting up before dawn to exercise if you haven’t had any sleep. Claire Koch, host of the popular CrossFit for women podcast “Girls Gone WOD” (and new mom, wife and full-time employee), says she won’t do CrossFit if she hasn’t gotten at least six hours of sleep because it’s just too punishing for her body.

You can adopt a similar habit rule — and to increase your chances of actually exercising, practice positive sleep-promoting behaviors, such as limiting alcohol the night before a workout, keeping TV out of the bedroom and more. (See more: Science-Backed Sleep Hacks for Busy People)

How do you guarantee you don’t miss your morning workout?

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