Five Tips To Sit Less

Five Tips To Sit Less

We have been hearing more and more about how bad sitting is for your health. Researchers are finding links between inactivity and the increased risk of cancer and it isn’t exactly the easiest to solve overnight. To learn a little more about this issue check out this awesome article.

You can work at it with these tips!

1. Walk More.

This is obvious however people still aren’t doing it. What is great is that on fitness devices such as Jawbone and Garmin, it will tell you when you have been sitting too long to remind you to get up and get more active. If you try and walk around every half hour you will be much better off in the long run.

2. Get a Standing Desk.

Most companies these days will provide astanding desk for you if you ask nicely, or learn how to convince your boss with these tips. It is an easy way to keep your activity engaged throughout your workday and after a week or two of just standing all day you will be a lot better off than before. You may think that it is hard to stay concentrated while standing doing work but it is actually the contrary. You will be much more engaged in your office and more social which will make your day much more enjoyable.


3. Take the long way to work.

If you commute to work via public transportation this is easy, skip the cab and walk, or get off a stop earlier and walk the rest. Also, if you drive to work park at the end of the parking lot. Give yourself a further distance to walk in order to allow more time on your feet!

4. Move around on the commercials.

One of the biggest problems that enable bad walking behavior is watching TV. Everyone does it and if you read instead, you are still sitting down. A good way to combat that is to make it more of a game, where on each commercial or after each chapter you have to complete a task, like 15 air squats or walk around your house twice. You cannot return to your seat until you complete the task. If you do this for a good hour at night you will feel great! If you do it during American Idol you will be the fittest on the planet (why do they have so many commercials?!).

5. Commit yourself to walking after eating.

I won’t sit here and tell you to stand while you eat, we obviously need to sit down. But commit to a quick walk after eating. The fat levels in your blood are highest after you eat so if you get moving after it will improve your metabolism as well as get you on your feet (Check out this NY Times article referencing some of the studies). One great tip for this would be to get your family involved especially after dinner. Make it a tradition that you go for a family walk after you eat to get the whole family moving and it gives you time to catch up on each-other’s lives!


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The main point here is that the more sedentary a lifestyle you have the more likely you are to be unhealthy so if you can find ways to get moving or get on your feet more throughout the day you will be much better off in the long run!

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