Fitness Trend Of The Week: SUP Yoga

Fitness Trend Of The Week: SUP Yoga

Thanks to the season’s warmer summer temps, it’s always fun to try something new outside. This week’s new fitness trend, SUP yoga, is just one of many activities you can try out.

SUP Yoga, or Stand Up Paddleboard yoga, will seriously test your yoga skills out in the open water. SUP yoga is the combination of yoga and stand up paddleboard surfing. It’s an intense workout with major benefits to all of its practitioners.

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Where to Begin

Now some of you might be worried about doing yoga in the middle of a body of water, but you shouldn’t be. Yoga is already a calming exercise and when you pair it with the warm sun on your back and the tranquil water around you, you create a peaceful and enlightening environment. Plus, the water adds as a motivator to engage your core harder so you don’t end up making an unexpected splash.

Before jumping right into the water, there are a couple of things you should do. You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer, but it’s very important you know how to swim. Along with knowing how to swim, it would be beneficial if you have taken both a yoga class and stand up paddling class. These classes aren’t necessary, but it will likely reduce your risk of injury and heighten your experience.

Getting Started

Trade in your yoga mat for a regular length surfboard, or a specially made paddleboard and you’re ready to go. For most classes, there is the option to rent these boards or you can buy one of your own. SUP yoga can be practiced on any body of water. As a growing fitness trend, you can find both indoor and outdoor classes being taught in many locations. Therefore, it can become a yearlong hobby.

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There is no dress code for this exercise, but it’s smart to keep in mind that you may be taking a dip into the water. Some wear bathing suits while others sport their classic yoga outfits. Both work! Make sure you can freely move on your board and have the flexibility to stretch into different positions.


The health benefits of this low impact sport are fantastic. Both your cardio and balance will increasingly improve and it helps to reduce stress.  Who doesn’t love being outside and in the water on a warm summer day while enjoying an activity that helps relieve your stress?

This exercise is an intense workout for your core and requires proper technique for increased core strength. When you are standing up on the paddle board engaging your core muscles is crucial to progress in a continuous swift movement. It takes a lot of work to balance yourself while paddling and maneuvering in the water. When incorporating yoga into stand up paddle boarding, your balance is tested even more. Moving fluidly between positions becomes a larger challenge while factoring in the movement of the water.

SUP Yoga is For Everyone

For many fitness buffs, yoga is incorporated into their daily routine. If you’re looking to switch it up and challenge yourself, then SUP yoga is definitely something you should look into. Though this activity is newer as a fitness trend, there are classes popping up everywhere. It also helps that this exercise can be practiced both indoors and outdoors.

Remember, SUP yoga is for everyone! It just takes practice and patience to master any sport, so throw on your suit and get ready for a core blasting workout with a friend in tow.

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Have you tried paddleboard yoga? Share your experience and pictures in the comments below!

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