Fitness Trend of The Week: Indoor Surfing

Fitness Trend of The Week: Indoor Surfing

When people think of surfing, they picture professional athletes facing 10 foot waves out in an ocean filled with sharks. But surfing isn’t just for the open water anymore.

The fitness trend of this week is indoor surfing. There’s no need for swimsuits or wet suits, the sand or even the water. All you need to do is throw on your workout clothes and find the nearest indoor surfing studio.


SurfSet is one of the most popular indoor surfing classes. It is a surf inspired exercise meant to strengthen your core and improve your balance. If you’ve ever tried surfing before you know the struggle of standing up and staying up on the board because the movement of the water is unpredictable.

Indoor surfing has recreated the feel of water with the creation of their state of the art board. This board is about knee height and has three bosu balls connected to the bottom of the board. These bosu balls help to produce the movement of the board as though you were in the water. It takes great balance and core strength to stay afloat (or in this case, off the floor).

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SurfSet Sessions

SurfSet has four different sessions in which you can participate in. Each class has different exercises that are targeted towards achieving different results but one common outcome between the sessions is that you’ll be strengthening your core to the max.

  1. Balance: In Surfset’s balance session you get to learn the fundamentals of instability training. By perfecting your moves you can strengthen your core and improve your coordination and flexibility.
  2. Burn: In this SurfSet session you really get to burn the fat off. This session is comprised of high intensity intervals targeted towards your core to help strengthen and tighten. It’s said that you can burn up to 900 calories in each session.
  3. Build: This session isn’t just about you and the board. In SurfSet’s build session they bring in resistant bands and other strength training tools to help tone your body.
  4. Blend: Blend is SurfSet’s most intense class. It blends a little bit from each session with a large focus on strengthening your core.
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This unique exercise is a total body workout. It combines cardio, muscle toning, and balance strengthening  all in one workout. Some of the benefits that you may see after participating in a session include: 

  • Increased core strength
  • Increased stability and balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better aerobic conditioning
  • Increased agility and power

There’s a comprehensive array of benefits from taking one of SurfSet’s classes. It’s a great way to get active with your friends and try something new! The convenience of having the surfing come to you is a pretty sweet deal as well. You can save all that money for flights, hotels and lessons and, instead, learn from the comfort of your closest SurfSet studio.

If you’ve ever tried a SurfSet class, we’d love to hear your experience! Share in the comments below.

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