Fitness Tracker Competitions are the Answer to Your Missing Motivation

Fitness Tracker Competitions are the Answer to Your Missing Motivation

Finding it difficult to stay motivated with your fitness plan? Can’t seem to get yourself to the gym or follow that 30-minute online workout video? Lack of motivation exponentially decreases the probability of follow through. If you don’t wake up motivated to reach your goals for the day ahead it’s likely you’ll struggle to achieve them.

Give yourself a push and challenge your friends, family or coworkers to friendly fitness competitions with your fitness tracker. Whether you’re competitive with yourself or others, fun fitness tracker competitions with will give you the help you to get up and moving each day.

Benefits of Fitness Tracker Competitions

Get Active

fitness tracker competitions with friends

A competition with a friend, family member or coworker is sure to motivate you to get up and be active everyday. Whether it’s for bragging rights or personal accomplishment, you’ll be working towards your best steps everyday. You won’t feel like slacking off because there will be the thought of losing out to your buddies – now who would want that! Working towards and achieving your goals gives you an extra boost of happiness. In fact, a study by the University of Southern California found that ‘those doing physical activity were happier, and enjoyed the physical activity more, when they were with their spouse, friends or co-workers, compared with when they were alone.’


It’s easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym or for that early morning run when you are on your own; but knowing that opting out is going to put you behind your friends will push you to stick to it. The same is true while participating in an activity – you will be conscious not to take too many breaks or lower the pace; as you know your friends are right on your tail. Even if you do, you can be sure that they will call you out and turn up the heat more to make sure you don’t do it again!

Friendly Competition

friendly competition two soccer players playing

Vince Lombardi, the Italian-American football player and coach, once said, ‘Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.’ Engaging in friendly competition will give you the desire to win, which will in turn give you the drive to go beyond what you normally would. A little bit of smack talk helps too; to get your partner going, to get your adrenalin pumping, and to get you moving if you are on the receiving end. A study published in the journal, ‘Psychology of Sport and Exercise’, showed that simply telling a participant that the majority of people do better than them at an activity caused them to push harder and achieve better results; compared to a considerable drop in performance when they did not have any competition.

Encourage an Active Lifestyle Together

The goal to staying fit together will translate into an active lifestyle, encouraging both of you to put more effort rather than taking the lazy route. A study by Kansas State University revealed that participants who worked out with a partner, whom they perceived to be better than them, amplified their exercise time and intensity by approximately 200%. When exercise becomes a social activity and you are pushing each other to do better, it will lead to more together time and more fitness.

Make New Friends

Pitting yourself against others in fitness competitions will give you the opportunity to make new and exciting contacts all around the world. Some of the best fitness apps to look out for in 2016 give you the platform to compete with people from all walks of life. You will have the opportunity to make new friends, beyond competition.

Achieve Your Goals

woman standing on beach achieve goals

With your friends and family by your side you can achieve anything. With the right motivation, inspiration, encouragement and continuous monitoring you can achieve even your toughest of goals. Look deep into your data trends and acknowledge room for improvement while praising how far you’ve come. Set a goal and work towards it every single day with the help of fitness tracker competitions.

Well when you put it like that, you’d be crazy not to join and try it out for yourself. Don’t wait anymore! Challenge your friends, family and coworkers to fun fitness tracker competitions and see the benefits you’ll reap.

Looking to bring the fun back to fitness?

get active

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