Fitness Tracker Comparison: Pebble Smart Watch vs. Jawbone UP2

Fitness Tracker Comparison: Pebble Smart Watch vs. Jawbone UP2

When I first got interested in buying an activity tracker it was definitely intimidating to decide on which to buy. Do you buy it for style, utility, durability or what? With so many activity trackers on the market, I’m sure this is a common problem that many individuals face.

Fitness Tracker or Smart Watch

After narrowing down my choices I settled on Jawbone’s UP2 because of the minimalistic style and features. I was looking to monitor my activity and sleep, which the UP2 allowed me to do while staying low key. Meaning that the UP2 allowed me to wear a fitness tracker without it looking like I was wearing a fitness tracker. It was sleek yet discreet. No one ever asked me any questions regarding the UP2 so I just assumed people thought it was just another plastic band.

Jawbone up2 fitness tracker on wrist

Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker

The Jawbone UP2 served it’s purpose very well and I was able to get pretty good insight into my fitness and sleep patterns. But after a few months I realized I wanted something more and decided a new purchase was in my future.

Jawbone Up2 fitness tracker weekly sleep data

Weekly sleep pattern tracked by Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker

Again I did some research to see what was available and what device would give me the features I wanted. I finally decided on the Pebble Watch, after Kuu shared a link with their new watch design.

pebble smart watch on wrist

Pebble Smart Watch

Now the Pebble Watch is by no means an activity tracker but it does have some tracking capabilities. I liked the idea of having a smart watch that could also track my steps and sleep. It was the best of both worlds.

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I was also glad to find out that Misfit had its own Pebble app, which would allow syncing to Matchup! Getting everything set up was a breeze and I was able to start competing in challenges in no time. One thing that I have to mention is that you will need to download the Misfit app on your smartphone in order to track your activity on the Pebble Watch.

Miscalculations Arising

Everything seemed to work fine until I took a look at my aggregated data after a few days of wearing the Pebble Watch. Something seemed off. It felt like it wasn’t capturing my steps correctly. My daily average steps were very low and it was becoming a pain to sync my Pebble Watch with the Misfit app. One out of three times whenever I would initiate syncing between the two it would fail. With these frustrations arising it became apparent that what was troubling me with the Pebble Watch, the Jawbone UP2 seemed to be doing correctly.

Insights Into Pebble Smart Watch vs. Jawbone UP2

That’s when I decided to do a fitness tracker comparison of the two and see what insights I could get about my activity, sleep and the devices themselves. I took into account that the Pebble Watch was not built to be an activity tracker but I still wanted to see how the two stacked up against each other.

What I noticed off the bat was that my Pebble Watch would give me a lower step count ranging from a couple hundred to sometimes two thousands steps lower every time! The Jawbone kept recording higher step averages while the Pebble continuously recorded lower averages. Even though I wore both on the same wrist, the different results continued. To me it just felt Jawbone was more accurate because that’s what the UP2 was built to do, track your activity. In the images below, you can see that the Pebble recorded 10,288 steps while the Jawbone recorded 12,209 in the same day, which is a difference of 1,921.

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Pebble smart watch activity tracking daily dataPebble Smart Watch Daily Activity Data

Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker daily home screen

Jawbone UP2 Daily Activity Data

I also wore both of them to bed at the same time to see how they would capture my sleeping pattern. Again, I got two very different results and it was hard to tell which one was more accurate. I do feel the Pebble Watch might edge out the UP2 just a bit though because I had to edit my sleep in the UP app. This may be a result of Pebble automatically tracking sleep while Jawbone previously required you to put your band in sleep mode (With their most recent update, jawbone now automatically tracks sleep).

pebble smart watch sleep data

Jawbone UP2 Fitness tracker sleep tracking


I quickly realized that my best option would be to use both devices for what they were both initially built for. I use the Pebble Watch as a smart watch and the UP24 for an activity tracker. Both I feel have their strengths and weakness so it’s hard to choose one over the other, that’s why I now sport both.

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